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Spoiler Chapter

My Heart Belongs to the Devil!

What may have happened after the last chapter

Ok, I thought I would go through with this story and finish it properly but I have a lot in my hands and I already decided that saving 2 stories would be my maximum. I apologise to those who had looked forward for new chapters for this but I have decided to scrap it.

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Meaning of 'I was the master and you were the servant' in chapter 12: [I'm going backwards for a while so please bear with me].

Shun was recalling the time where he and Rin played together when they were children. Rin suggested that she would be the servant and Shun would be the master only if she would be the master next time. Unfortunately there was never a next time as he stayed back in Osaka (or wherever he came from. I can't remember now.). Rin, somehow, does not recall this at all.

Now I can't recall any more mysteries right now, it would be nice if someone would ask me the meaning of a lot of things so I can add some more information but anyway, onto the plot and the ending.

After chapter 12:

Throughout the story we would have progressed through each character background such as Shun, Akuma, Takeru as well as that teacher dude (I've forgotten his name).

Also at times it would switch onto Takeru being the prime suspect then to Akuma and so on and so forth until Rin becomes a bit 'coo-coo' and can't make up her mind on who really burnt down the school and who her groom might be.

Also Rin's dreams 'hints' her of who the culprit is, only to confuse her more as it keeps changing.

Time's up (Ending):

When confronted by the voice of her groom, in broad daylight, she decides that Akuma was behind it all as he was there in the beginning all along. Her groom asks her if she wants to confirm her answer in which she gives a firm nod.

Her groom laughs and reveals himself to her momentarily before the scenery is changed to a church, ironically. Wearing a tux and a black rabbit mask he escorts Rin down the aisle revealing that her answer was incorrect.

Horrified Rin desperately looks around for help only to find the church isolated. Her groom then states that Rin chose Akuma as the culprit as she was in love with him and wanted him to be her groom, subconsciously. Rin denying is swept off her feet by her groom and is challenged to take off his mask.

He then informs her that once she takes off his mask she will know the truth. Of course Rin hesitates as she fears what she might find may doubt her but then proceeds to take off his mask to reveal a new boy that she had never seen before. The story ends there with Rin married to her groom, till death do they part.

What just happened?

Somewhere in the ending it is explained how the devil was at Rin's school, possibly always by her side right in front of her. How exactly? He was in 5 places at once or if we place it like this, he was 5 people at once and Rin had only met 4 of them.

Who exactly are these 4? Well you should know them well as they have always been there throughout the story. These four being Akuma, Shun, Takeru and Mr Hirota were 4 parts of Rin's groom all split individualities of the Devil that had always been there for Rin throughout her life, except for Akuma and sort of Mr Hirota.

What about the fifth? Apparently the day before her wedding, Rin had bumped into a timid and shy student causing his glasses to fall off. Rin had only met eyes with him for a second whilst retrieving his glasses only to feel a slight familiarity towards him. He scuffled passed her leaving Rin no time for questions. That kid right there was the devil himself in disguise.

So, Rin missed her chance to escape her fate seeing that if she wasn't too caught up with her thoughts she would have interated with her groom more once they had bumped into each other, but it's not a bad ending… well maybe it is. Who knows what happens next, it seems that Rin agreed to this marriage from the start if you think about it seeing that she didn't put much of a fight at the end…

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