Wesley had to deal with a lot of shit in his life: he was not athletic, neither handsome, or even the fact that his parents named him "Wesley", but he was happy as this strange and maladjusted individual who prefers to stay away from the critical eye of the other kids of the school; in fact, he was so pleased the way he is that there was only one thing he really wanted, but then again, in many cases, only one thing is needed to disregard the rest: Evelyn.

They both had grown up in the same neighborhood; Evelyn and her family lived in the house across the street, and since the kindergarten, they had become friends. She was always very energetic and mischievous girl, and often got to Wesley in more problems than it should, but he missed those memories, treasured them with all his heart.

What changed then? It's simple: the mode of action of children is different from the teenagers; sad but true, and they followed different paths, and as superficial as it may be, the fact is that Evelyn became into a good looking young lady of exceptional beauty: all the boys wanted to be with her, all the girls wanted to be her, and those blessed with that gift have a more bearable road to walk in.

Gradually, Evelyn and Wesley were separated by those superficial yet unbreakable social conventions, and their friendship became a simple footnote in the great book of their lives, and in more than one night Wesley felt much remorse for not having clarified their feelings before, and confess what he really felt: he loved her, he wanted to be with her, and how badly he wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

He felt the tremendous need to tell her those words, but he could not find the courage to do it, and how could he? She is beautiful, popular, intelligent and nice: he was the last in a long list of hopefuls to be that one: "the one" if you know what I mean. And what could he offer? Wesley dealt with that idea rounding his mind, in particular every morning, with his first look at the mirror, and notice how that he was just another generic guy, but he could give it a try... once again.

Did I mention the fact that Wesley has tried to be noticed? On one occasion, he wanted to enter the track team, because after all, athletes are popular and beloved. What could he lose (besides the dignity)? But that practice was a disaster: years and years of online games had given him great hand-eye coordination, but not as much foot-eye coordination, and even today has a knee injury for making an effort that he was not prepared to do in the first place.

No, sports were not the answer, so he tried the next option to be noticed: the debate team. Evelyn was not only beautiful, but was very intelligent and interested in the issues of today, and as a member of the debate team, the assumed she had a better opportunity to spend some good times with her, and we are talking about something that requires more brain power than man-power, so logic dictated that this time everything would be better.

But it worked as well as his last try: Wesley was intelligent and informed, but a big part of being a member of a debate team was…well, to debate, and despite having the correct arguments in mind, the enormous insecurity and shyness prevented him from even making a human sound, let alone about to talk in public in front of an audience of several dozen people looking at and judging every word you said…another disaster.

But he had one strike more, so he forged another plan to get more attention and be seen more respectable, wondering what else was interested to Evelyn? Well, politics; she had always been very involved in the school council, and the presidential elections were, so he took the next logical step: run for office.

The results were as good as you could imagine: with lack of support, he only had two votes, and one was his, and in the end, he was defeated even by "Light Yagami" and "Donald Duck".

It was failure after failure, so if he was going to look like a complete loser, he decided that at least, he will end up with everything and for once be honest with both Evelyn and himself: On a cloudy day in autumn, he left a note for Evelyn in her locker, with a message to see the end of classes, the place agreed upon was a small park in front of his school, John Hughes high school *.

Wesley was not nervous: He was in panic, but thanks in part to the enormous power of his own will and three pills of pain killers which he stole from his mother, Wesley could look more or less calm, and when Evelyn came, the young man uttered those words that he practiced and practiced

—Hi Evelyn...

—Hi. Sorry, you sent me the note, right? - Asked the young woman confused.

— Don't you recognize me, right?

— Do I know you?

—Evelyn, I'm your neighbor, Wesley...

She looked thoughtfully, trying to remember that person, struggling a bit with his memory, but finally, he seemed to be identified.

—Wesley Richardson?

—Yes, we used to be friends...

— Yeah, I remember you! — Evelyn responded warmly, embracing Wesley, and he, well, he was a little surprised by this little and unusual display of affection for him.


—Call me "Eve"

—Well, Eve ... I don't know how to say this, and I know I'm not really anyone, but I have to tell you because if I don't, I would feel that I will not have another chance and I'll regret it forever: Eve, I'll ...

Before concluding his speech, Eve's cell phone ringed, and she asked for a moment to answer.

— Hello? Oh, Simon! How are you? ... Yes, I miss you so much ... I hope you come back soon ... If you want to...

The conversation lasted several minutes, but it was not difficult to deduce what happened, and it was so logical that it was now as clear as water: how he had thought he had an opportunity with the most desired girl in school?

—Sorry, he was Simon...

— And he is your ...?

—He's my boyfriend.

—And how long…?

—Barely two weeks, but he is amazing: it is sweet, intelligent, is ingenious ... And the fact that he looks like the younger brother of Johnny Depp does not bother me at all!

—Oh, of course ...

- What did you say?

—the thing is that ... — Wesley stammered trying to find a good excuse, "Eve, I would like to resume the friendship, you know, we were very close and I just want to go back to spend some time with you ...

— That's so sweet! I would like that too!

Despite the animosity of Eve, something was broken in the heart of Wesley, and after a friendly kiss goodbye, the two separated, and to make the things worse, a heavy rain fell all over the city, making a little harder Wesley's walk to his home.

At first, Wesley tried to follow his path as normal, but the rain was relentless and heavy, it was virtually impossible to keep waling, and there were no buses at sight; he would have spent the afternoon under the rain, but a kind soul came into his rescue, somehow…

—Excuse me, Are you Wesley, right? - Asked a girl in a Blue raincoat


—Want to go to my house? You could get sick.

He was not exactly encouraged, but anything was better than being standing there, so he accepted.

That girl was a student of the same school, and she felt sorry to see him in the middle of the rain; in the home of that young lady, he could be dry, and drink some cocoa to warm up, they talked and shared time at the dinner table, she was too timid and blushing in the presence of Wesley.

—Thanks, I had a bad day...

—It's nothing...

—What's your name?

—Sonya, don't you remember me?

—No, sorry...

—We were on the debate team ... I always sat next to you.

—Oh, I think I remember ... —Wesley said it without really remember her; it was simply a gesture of kindness to that girl

They continued talking for several minutes more, until Wesley decided that it was time to leave, but it was rather obvious that Sonya wanted to be with him, even just for just a couple of minutes, but she could not find the courage to tell her, and unable to find the willpower, Wesley thanked her, and left.

—Good bye ... Wesley ... — whispered Sonya, without understanding how he missed the opportunity to confess his feelings to his guest, she knows that someday it will be done, but still can not find the courage to do it, and then she began to think about Wesley's tastes and interests, then perhaps she could make some plan to get his attention…

Some people just don't understand.