One day, in theacher's room at a university in San Francisco, Mexico ...

— I can't take it anymore! - the Professor Cardona said

— What is it? His colleague asked, Professor Domínguez

—Several things disappeared from my house, and we finally caught the responsible: Miss Wilson

— Your servant?

—Yes... God, those stupid Anglos...

- Wow, quiet, quiet! there is no need to be racist...

—I was ... — Mr. Clarke commented — but honestly: don't you get sick of those immigrants?

—Well, this country is based on immigration, so...

— Yes, I understand, but come on! All those Anglo people crossing the border illegally, not wanting to learn Spanish, bringing the whole family, living on social security…And I don't even want to start talking about their rare Protestant…thing!

—Hey, watch what you say: The Anglos are decent and hardworking people who just want a better life for his family, and incidentally, make the work any Mexican does not want to do can you imagine one of us doing a gardener or babysitter? -

—Yes, I admit sounds ridiculous.

—They come from countries with incredible poverty, without education, without opportunities. Is it so wrong to want to share the Mexican dream?

—I understand that, but sometimes I feel some kind of abuse.

—It's immoral to judge, that is, think: They would do the same if we were in their place?

—What do you mean?

—Yes: The Anglos are just an unfortunate people, but I assure you that if the situation were reversed, they would receive all with open arms

—You mean, in a rich Anglo country?

—Well, maybe if history had been different...

- Different, how? -

—I read once that, on occasion, after the Anglo independence from the British, they had planned to be a single country ... -

— A single country? They do not agree in the corruption!

—Yeah, well, but imagine: The Anglo countries as a single Union ... -

—Now if you're talking nonsense: that is impossible in any event, and even if it could be feasible, it would not make much sense: The British colonies were very poor and disorganized, with no real future ... But Mexico, or rather, New Spain in those days was always great, rich and strong ... Even if the colonies unite Anglo…What can be done against the super powerful New Spain? -

—Mmm ... I guess you're right, that's unlikely.

—Save it for a short story, or something...

And after that little dialogue, they both realized that their classes were about to start: They had to hurry, given the large number of English-speaking students, they needed to give the class in both languages, and that takes a lot of time...



Any similarity to the real world IS NOT a coincidence...