differences in the skyline while we
stare at our feet like we're thirteen and
in love but we don't know it yet

only came here to bury the bodies of
the people we thought we'd left behind but
they ended up resurfacing to ask questions we
didn't have the answers to, wanted to
be done with it all instead

couldn't forget your mother earth eyes even
if i sold all my possessions for a new sense of
home, would rather fall asleep in the burrow
your arms make when you're asleep and i'm just
featherweight in your dreams

wanted to cry, wanted to break down and
tell you i wasn't thirteen anymore and i knew
what my heartbeats were telling me all those
summers ago

they won't let me forget the times i've
left you behind for new buildings and a
stereotype design, built a place to call my
own on other people's misgivings

but i know you'd sold yourself to me that day you
gave me wildflowers, asked me to be yours forever

told me we'd bury the bones and move home