Once upon a time a pair of twin witches went to the land of dragons bearing gifts to present a treaty between the two species and all was prosperous.

The younger of the twin witches Salem was in love with a dragon named Blackfire, but he would not love her in return, he was a warrior and his heart would always remain on the battle field.

Salem hated her unrequited love for the dragon and so she decided the best way to get revenge was to destroy the land of dragons which he loved so much.

to do this she used her magic to make a mask, it was white, with power enough to destroy this world, and then she foretold

"the bearer of this mask will be a girl human in form filled with hate for all dragons, she will destroy this world"

then Salem collapsed from the exhaustion of putting all her power into the mask.

The elder witch Blair saw this and made a mask to oppose this one.

"the bearer of this mask shall be human in form a girl who has known love."

she foretold and collapsed alongside her sister.