My AA:

Three sisters and a pack of smokes,

too short a skirts and bare shoulders,

Fishnets and the everlasting lipstick,

Front porch shootin's in the middle the night,

Black Dots and closet bears

Sneakin' in real late,

bats and screamin'

Marie Antoinette and Mr. Depp,

Sleepin' in real late,

and doin' things best left alone

Birds and creeps,

Peepers, and Jeepers

Spinnin' divas, and second chances with More Feeling

Hugs and so much more

Yin and Yang

Fairies and demons,

snow and six inch heels

Boys and Whores,

brothers and Suckers,

Worryin' and cheatin',

cryin' Carosel rides at night

My head on your chest,

Drugs, bugs, and thugs

Hopin' and lovin'

Lovin', Lovin,' and Lovin' again

Bearin' everything under the Sun,

only to run inside screaming

spillin' our guts under the moon.

Dancin' in the rain until we couldn't see straight

Free fellin' 'til the dawn

Breakin' names and breakin' hearts,

keepin' what we shouldn't and tellin' what we shouldn't

Backseat car rides,

Slappin' cows, prayin' for our lives,

abandoned houses and abandoned love

Aran and carmel apples,

diaper rash and diaper love

Stairwells and big brothers,

wine and nudity

Windows and panic attacks,

stayin' home from school,

too high to hide

Booze and rape

Still a Friend of Mine

Railroad tracks

where it all began

Where I found what I'd been lookin' for

where I lost my heart

Scars and smileys,

razors and lighters

Pissin' in Disney cups,

faith and Shadows

Depression and depression,

Probable Future and theft

Bein' out of touch,

shutting down love,

Puttin' out the fire

we shoulda fed

Killin' time,

learnin' to love,

Hey Prudence,

I Wanna Hold Your Hand

The Tango Brit-ney,

Baby where's our Santa Fe?

All Hallow's Eve

Red on the Moon,

JD and some Nibblets

Under all the lies, false smiles, blinding tears, and makeup

You're beautiful,

forget what anybody tells you.

It's Never Too Late, baby girl

all I want is one more drive together,

maybe a doughnut or two at the

jumping barn.

One more night til dawn,

music and smoke and

Reckless down back roads

It's so Forever,

even though it didn't last

What I promised, I meant

every little thing, girl

I'll Be

Ouija and graveyards,

black eyeliner and Lucky You,

Safety pins, popcorn, and Pain

Brendan and Sandles don't have

a thing on us, girl

we were Airheads

We were playing Chicken

and we Both Swerved

when we should have Crashed

into each other at the

Speed of Light

30 Seconds and it was all so over,

we have no Remedies left

Even though so much is different,

it's still the same somehow.

We're still Faking It through our lives,

Some Wounds Just Won't Heal

You left me Scarred

and I love each and every one of them

I guess I'm still Out of Touch.

If you're Happy, that's all I ever wanted

And, baby, if you're not, You Know Where to Find Me.

Whatever It Takes;

I'll Keep On Lovin' You.

Girl, forget the past;

it's over

the future is blank and unwritten.

Baby, pick up the pen

and write your story.

Winkin' Blinkin' and Nod.