Days ago you whispered in my ear You said Love was special,

I had nothing to fear

Your eyes,lingering on my soul spurred my heart,

left a single tear

Walking together,hand in hand

We traversed in unison,along a sea of sand

You loved me then, as the sunset left us

Plunged into darkness,alone in the land

Now we are no more, since that day

The day you cried,you said there was no other way

Your feelings were gone,why?

You couldn't say

My heart twisted

My pain fixated

My hope mitigated

A drifter I became

Weaving through a labyrinth of regret and loss

I felt I'd never be the same crushing turmoil,manipulated in her game

Yet I love her still

Her smile flashes before me,a bitter pill

My heart aches as I remember her face I struggle to fight it

draining the will

I sit alone,to find myself

I cry and sob and curse and fight it

All these a muse to remind myself

I must go on

Pack my sorrow upon lifes shelf

A shelf,unending

A shelf worth rewriting

With my own pen