I was told to listen to my heart and so I did. I closed my eyes and searched for beating in my chest. It came soft and slow, beating as thoughts entered and filled my head. I pushed everything from my mind and all I heard was the slow beating, echoing in my hollow head. I listened to my heart and I heard the answers that came with it. My eyes opened and I looked upon the view with which they saw.

The tips of waves crashing against the cliff blew into white foam, casting sprays to my tall height. Out far the sea swirled into nothing more than a blue horizon. Wind sprawled into my face, pulling my broken hair from my silhouette.

I continued to listen to my beating heart, hearing it palpitate its last unknown beats. I took a breath and put my heart into my head, blocked out everything but the slow, nervous beating. I blocked out everything that I had ever done and forgot what I was about to do.

With one last breath, one last step, one last beat, I flew over the edge, gravitating towards the plummets of water. My body turned in the air, falling over and over. I took not enough time for me to feel scared, my beating heart had stopped before I reached the white depths.