Emily's Adventure

A Mother's Day Gift

"Tomorrow is the biggest day in my family's life!" Emily Maynard, who was running around the town, shouting in panic, "Mommy & I cannot miss out on this!"

She looked around the shopping district and couldn't find the right store.

Emily was in disdain, but cannot give up.

"Mommy won't be disappointed," she said, "I know this is a big journey for me. I saved up all of my allowance just to get the perfect thing for her… a Mother's Day gift."

Emily knew what she was doing, but she forgot about it when she was doing her chores. She had to get her mother, Miranda Maynard, a gift for Mother's Day… on the day before.

She looked around the stores, but couldn't decide on what to get her. She went and asked a lot of people. But they cannot decide either.

She asked the grocer about what gift she should give, but he said that it's too tricky; the only way she'll get a gift from here is to make a big dinner. Emily knows that she has plenty of food at home.

She asked the maid in a purple dress in the café next; she said that Miranda can have a party for a whole night. Emily stated that it's a Mother's Day gift, not a birthday present. The maid then suggested the local Weapons Shop down by the street.

Emily went to the Weapons Shop, but couldn't get in the building; the proprietor prohibited her to enter in the risk of danger.

"But, my Mommy is a great hero!" Emily cried.

"Yeah, yeah, go home, kid," he said as he escorted Emily away.

She started to sob.

"I need a gift so badly!" She wailed.

As she cried, Haruna walked by and saw her cry.

"Hey, you're Mira's kid," she said, "What's wrong?"

"Well, I wanted to find a perfect gift for my Mommy, but…" she sniffled, "But I cannot decide. And that meanie kicked me out, just because I wanted to get a gift for her!"

Haruna snuffed and shouted, "Of all the stupid ideas!!!"

She patted her head and said, "It's okay. Lots of people don't know what's going on. Besides, I know in my heart that I wanted to help out for my mother."


"You bet; in fact, I think Miranda would be proud of you for going at it alone."

Emily smiled and said, "You're right. I was wondering if you can help me find a gift for her."

Haruna blushed and asked, "Uh… well, why would I do that???"

"If you don't, she'll take it out on you," Emily replied.

Haruna conceded and proceeded to walk with her to the nearest balloon.


Haruna & Emily arrived at Norris, the home of Erika Avery. They looked around the shopping district and found some shiny items: from pins and fresh produce to cloths and candles.

"Where are we?" Emily asked.

"This is Norris, Mira's friend's former hometown," Haruna responded, "She moved out after the town became desolate. But the shopping districts have been selling items like hot curry."

Haruna showed Emily some great clothing, including a bright green kimono. Emily shook her head and asked why she would wear such a trashy look, unlike Haruna's wardrobe.

Haruna pouted, "What's wrong with the way she & I look?"

Emily replied, "Mommy wants to wear something that resembles her home."

"Smarmy Brits," Haruna muttered.

"Okay, Emily, let's try this one," she said to Emily.

Haruna showed a bright blue blouse with the words "Super Woman" on the front, all drawn in stars.

"Whoa! That's flashy! But she has lots of those in her dresser drawer," Emily said.

"WHAT??? Since when was I not heard of it???" She shouted.

"OH, she wears these clothes whenever she's not adventuring," Emily replied.

"I had to ask…"

Haruna then approached the counter of small miniature items. Haruna saw a ceramic of a small panda napping on a branch. She started to blush. Emily grew worried.

"Ai-Yah! Those items are so cute!" She cringed.

"Miss Haruna, we're looking for something for Mommy, not for you!" She snapped.

"Oh, ahem! Sorry. Better look for one for Panda, uh, I mean, Miranda!" She stuttered.

Haruna found a ceramic of two female bears hugging each other with the inscription saying "Love you bear-ly much".

"Pfft… too corny," Haruna said.

Emily replied, "I don't think that's perfect for her… she lost Sara all these years ago."

"Oh, right, Miranda is somewhat of an emotional wreck; not to mention a crybaby," Haruna smiled.

"Haruna! Watch what you say about Mommy!"

"Sorry, but it's all true!"

"Yeah, sure she may be emotional, but deep down, she perseveres! That's what makes her a great hero!"

"Oh? Then how come she hasn't become such a brave warrior?"

"Enh… she has bottled up emotions, like Miss Erika."

"And the reason you're getting a gift for Mother's Day is…"

"Right! I want her to be happy, no matter what!"

Haruna then pondered, "Hmm… this calls for the direct approach."


Haruna & Emily went to see Miranda's friends and asked what to do for Mother's Day. They asked Mayu Nagase, the female ninja, first.

"Well, I always pray for the spirit of my mother. She was murdered when I was a child. Every Mother's Day, I spread salt all over the pathway to my hut, plant my garden, and redecorate my room, all for her. I may act as a ninja, but I can be a well-mannered and sophisticated woman."

"What about my Mommy?" Emily asked.

"Oh, she'll not be that sophisticated; she's such a wild girl," Haruna said.

"In any case, what does that have to do with your mother, Miss Mayu?"

"Simple, when I was a baby, Mother always worked in the garden. And Father helped out with the house. They share a nice chat together, and they watch over me because I am her pride and joy."

"Okay… thank you, Nagase," Haruna sneered.


Next, they asked Mike & Cassandra Barberger:

"Well, shoot, little ladies! Me maw hasn't spoke to me in years!" He cried, "And hey, we'd be having a shindig of a hoedown! Maw told me to stay strong in many journeys; which is why my Cassie came to my life. Now we can share it with the world!"

Cassandra added, "His mother was a vile woman. She'd always smack him on the head with a branding iron. I have had enough of that woman."

"Mother-in-Laws… go figure…" Haruna & Emily thought aloud.

As they talked, Erika was outside the tent, worried about Emily's questions; but she was frightened by her subject.

"What are Emily and loudmouth doing? M-M-M-Mother's Day?!?!?!" She gasped.

She dashed away in fear.


Nick had his thoughts:

"My mother was a caring woman, but sometimes she would be worried about me not having a future. And every time it was Mother's Day, mom takes me out somewhere around Desert Combs. Of course, sometimes, she'd be worried about me being alone; but I manage to overcome it."

"Nicholas! Are your friends staying over for some snacks???" Nick's mother called from her room.

"No, mother! They were here for something important!" Nick called back.

Haruna stepped back in nervousness, while Emily pouted.

"I wanna stay!" Emily cried.


Erika sneaked away behind Haruna, while they were talking to Kandy, who doesn't have a mother. She told Haruna about Sophie's mother:

"Sophie celebrated her Mother's Day with her mother. Although, she'd only did it once, but then disappeared. Her mother & Sophie always travel together to the town West Argos, a small rural town in which it is famous for their fried foods, such as chicken, baklava, ham, fish, donuts, and many other delicacies. Then afterwards, they share a moment of silence for the hero, Fairbanks Potter, Sophie's grandfather, as a memorial."

"Miss Kandy, were there gifts given that time?" Emily asked.

"No, but it was a trip to spend time with her mother, anyways," Kandy said.

She then turned to Haruna, "What about you, Miss Haruna? How do you celebrate Mother's Day?"

Haruna then looked sad, "I wish I could tell you, but it seems she never looked at me the same way. Mother was very happy when I give her gifts such as flowers and candy. But she wanted one item that is not practical or monetary. And that is a mother's love."

Emily said, "Aw, that's sad."

"It is… Miss Haruna…" Kandy said as she was saddened by it.

"What are you looking at me for, you robot???" She snapped, seeing Kandy staring at her with doey eyes.


Emily then asked Boris Pruski, the famous wrestler:

"HA! HA! HA! Oh, you know mother and I love to travel to my country every year on Mother's Day! But for Boris, every day in Mother Russia is Mother's Day!"

He laughed heartily as Emily & Haruna slinked away, not knowing that Erika was sprinting past Boris.


Haruna asked Tsu Kame about Mother's Day. She replied:

"Every year, I walk alongside the streets of Hong Kong, trying to find the perfect gift for mom. She's a meter maid downtown, and she misses me every day. So I went to local stores and bought her some flowers and a small toy kitty keychain. She always was happy for me."

"So, your father is a cop and your mother is a meter maid?" Haruna asked sarcastically, "You really are something, Kame."

Tsu Kame bowed, as Erika slinked away behind the bushes.


Haruna & Emily walked home together. Emily couldn't find a gift or an idea after all. She started to whimper a bit and began to cry.

"Now Mommy will hate me! I asked everybody about their mothers, and I end up with nothing!!!" She screamed.

Haruna hugged Emily and told her to calm down.

"Shh… it's okay. I know you wanted to get something for your mother, but it's okay," she said, "But as my father said, "It's not something practical, it's the thought that count.".

Emily nodded as she dried her tears.

"Miss Haruna, thank you…" she said.

Haruna waved goodbye to Emily and back to her house.

Emily then had a very exciting idea. She rushed upstairs and began to work.


The next morning, Miranda woke up from her bed and found her gift: a piece of paper, drawn by Emily. She looked at it and was crossed, that is, until she read the fine print.

"To my mommy, Miranda Maynard," she read, "This certificate ensures one, Emily Maynard, to spend the whole day with her mother on Mother's Day."

She hugged the paper and cried a bit.

"That little scamp…" she said in whispers, "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Mommy," Emily said, as she stepped into her room. She leaped onto her shoulders and started to cry and apologized to her.

"Mommy, I'm sorry! I tried to get you a gift, but I couldn't! Miss Haruna & I tried to, but, now…"

She cried very loud. Miranda patted her head and wiped her tears.

"Honey, you don't understand!" She responded, "Every Mother's Day, I remember the day I became a mother to you. When Sara died, you were the only one I can care for. You didn't have to go through the trouble to get me a gift, but I don't think I want anything practical… not yet, at least. But the point is that you're my gift for Mother's Day! So what if I get no gifts for it? Save it for Christmas or my birthday! For Mother's Day, the only gift I want is to spend time with my daughter."

Emily cringed and asked, "You mean you're not mad at me?"

"After what you gave me, why should I be mad?" Miranda asked, "I love it. And I hope I can spend the whole day with you, adventure-free."

Emily hugged Miranda and squealed a bit.

"Mommy, I love you!" She cried.

They hugged together and left the bedroom to go out. Emily was happy that Miranda got her gift… although, she would've at least asked. But, at heart, Emily loves her mother no matter what.

"Oh, by the way, do you have any money I could borrow? I'll pay you back next week," Miranda asked.

Emily smiled and was happy.


Meanwhile, Erika looked in a distance and viewed Miranda & Emily walking to the park. She let out a smile and was relieved.

"I'm proud of her," she said, "Mira, you have such a great daughter."

"No thanks to you, Avery!" A voice said from behind.

It was Haruna; Erika froze in fear, her legs couldn't move.

"I've been looking everywhere for you!" She said, "I want to know how you celebrate Mother's Day! It's for Emily, and she wants to know what all of Miranda's friends do on that day. Well, what is it? Hmm?"

Erika was speechless… and also scared stiff, she said nothing.


The End ~ Happy Mother's Day