Hey y'all! I'M BACK!

I know it seems really random that I would suddenly add this to TTOSB like four years later, but the fact of the matter is is that I love this story, and I was rereading it and it was hurting me inside how badly I had handled a lot of things in it. So I'm revamping the whole story! The main things will stay the same, but I hope that my editing is just making it all around better. Anyway, I wanted to post this on here so that if anybody is still out there who is a fan of the story, they can know that I created a "new" Tales of Sadie Baker and it'll be updated once a week, on Fridays. The first chapter is up, as of this morning!

But no worries, this version will remain up on the site, because why not?

Thank you and love you all!