Reality is just a mess of being aloofly distant these days, is it not? The image I have created for myself isn't exactly one I'm proud of. Rude and annoying and sometimes funny, many people I'd like to consider friends toss me off with disregard while I continue building my bombshell mask, hurting more and more and just wishing I could act normal. Because really, despite what they may think, I am normal. I just hide in my skin and wish they would see through.

The only thing that keeps me going these days is that, as much as life seems to drown in its petty horror, there will always be a new day, a new experience, and it won't always be like this. Eventually, I will be happy- I'll want to wake up from my dreams instead of being stuck inside my mind, imagining things that are impossible but in some way, feel so despairingly attainable.

One day I'll wake up not for the taste of coffee on my lips, but for the people I'll get to share the coffee with.

One day… I will show you the song that tears at my heart every time I listen to it because it so reminds me of everything we've shared. And maybe, it'll remind you of me, too.

Isn't this love, this fragile hope, this desire?

A/N: this is kind of fictionized. But everything sounds better when it's a bit more dramatic, right? ;)