"Why the hell do you have to do that?" Jennifer screamed, picking her bags up and attempting to push past the hoard of school children sat all along the back of the bus, some even having to resort to perching on the filthy ground of the bus.

"Do what!?" George asked coyly, trying to grab her bags but Jenny quickly snatched them away and turned to take her place next to Sam again.

"You know perfectly well what I'm talking about" Jenny huffed. She had given up on trying moving to the upstairs deck. There was no space to get through and upstairs was probably going to be just as bad.

"You know perfectly well what I'm talking about" George mocked, impersonating her slightly American accent perfectly.

Jennifer was getting angrier by the second. This wasn't fair. Everyone had to pick on her because she was different. Sure she was a little shorter than everyone and she didn't speak in a British accent but that didn't give anyone the right to mercilessly mock her every day.

"You better shut your trap because I am sure the teachers at your school will be pleased with how you treat me." Jennifer said, crossing her arms and trying to look imposing.

"Oh right, because you have to run to teachers seeing as you can't defend yourself." George countered.

He didn't have a problem with her; it was just amusing watching her squirm and shout. The hour long journey was much too boring to sit in silence.

Looking to his friend, Terry, a plan formed in his head. He leant over the pole towards Terry's seat and whispered something secretively in his ear.

Jenny, terrified, looked from one boy to the other and bit her lip nervously. She knew that something was coming but she didn't know what and it was making her anxious.

"Hey, Lucas! Come here!" Terry cried from his seat.

Jenny just grabbed onto the seat next to her and didn't move. She didn't know quite what to do. If she didn't go to him he would come to her and do something worse, but if she did listen to him and go forward, she would be publically humiliated.

"Lucas. Are you deaf? I said come here!" Terry repeated. He was going to have fun with this one! Jennifer Lucas was such an easy target, she always got wound up so easily and her reactions were priceless.

Jennifer took a deep breath and got up off her seat. She took several steps over people's bags and legs and stood silently facing Terry.

Laughing, Terry grabbed her phone and iPod and pushed her onto the ground.

"Hey! Guys, don't be such idiots!" Jenny cried from the ground attempting to get up, but just as she was about to get up, a large foot pressed her back down again.

Pulling her ponytail up towards him so he could whisper in her ear George gave Jenny a warning.

"Don't you dare utter a word of this to anyone. As far as you're concerned, your phone and iPod were lost. Not stolen." He whispered, his hot breath tickling Jennifer's ear causing her to squirm.

"But" She began but George slammed her head against the bus floor.

"There are no buts. We don't know what happened to your phone and frankly we don't care" He whispered, his voice hoarse from smoking and his foul breath violating her nose. He pulled her ponytail a little more roughly and laughed as she writhed on the floor.

"George, stop it. You're hurting me" She cried, tears streaming down her face.

She couldn't believe that everyone around her was just watching silently, some even sporting looks of amusement.

"Oh sweetheart you haven't seen pain yet." George laughed before stepping over her back and towards the vacated seat behind him.

Realizing this was her stop Jennifer picked up her bags and tried to get past, but it was of no avail. They were playing their game. They wouldn't let her off until the bus had gone 3 stops ahead and she would have to walk home in the pouring rain.

She hated it, but she had no choice. It was this or homeschooling and social solitude and she would choose this any day.

It was better than being invisible and she knew that feeling all too well.