Jackie couldn't even begin to grasp what was about to happen. The moment the parade started, she was standing quietly on the side of the road alongside Maggie and Kendall. After the first gunshot had been fired, her attention caught focus toward the five men who were heavily armed. Not one of these men realized that their fellow partner was picked off by a scout sniper. As soon as they were situated on the east entrance of Town Square, they raised their weapons and shot any civilian that came to sight. There was nothing more terrifying than the loud rattling noises of their assault rifles mixed with the screeching sounds of people screaming. Chaos completely emerged. There were civilians running in all directions throughout the four way intersection, trying to either find cover or get themselves as far away as they could from Town Square.

Jackie knew that she had to get away fast. There was only one problem, Kendall and Maggie had escaped her within that fifteen second time frame. Having civilians rushing past her every second made it harder for her to even think about what was going on. She finally made a break for it and sprinted down the south side of Hastings Blv. After about ten seconds of sprinting, she stopped and took a quick glance behind her. Right when she did this, she felt an object touch the back of her head…


It was Kendall and he holding Jackie hostage at gunpoint, "Well, looky what we got here?"

Jackie raised her hands and made a face of disbelief, "Kendall, where's Maggie?"

"Oh, no worries. I plan to take good care her. They only person here that I don't trust is you!" Kendall's gut was indeed correct. Jackie plotted against him before the attack even began.


Kendall's eyes shot toward the one of his men who also received a clear headshot by the scout sniper on the rooftop. The five men that he had assembled were being picked off one by one. From here on the three other SWAT team officers scaled the perimeter of the area. Like an eagle swooping down on its prey, they positioned themselves for an attack.

"Police? Who called the police!?!" Kendall yelled, looking back at the rest of his men aside him.

Raising his left hand, he spoke firmly into his walkie talkie, "Call in for back up now."

His right hand was still point straight at Jackie, "Don't just stand! Kill them!"

Kendall's six other armed men began approaching the middle of the intersection. They were slowly creeping up on the SWAT team, waiting for their reinforcements to arrive so they could finally turn the tables in the shootout.

Meanwhile, Zak was keeping his head down the entire time. Behind the counter sat Randy and Jason curled up in a ball while taking cover. They made absolutely no sound, almost as if they weren't even there. A hail of bullets then shattered its way into the giant display window of the motorcycle shop. It was clear at that point that there was no way Zak was going to make his way out of the shop without getting shot. He had to wait out the fight as long as he possibly could. God help him if even one of those insane criminals decided to take the shootout inside the shop.

The way the SWAT team operated was highly professional. They made themselves unseen to the rest of the men they were combating. Once cued to execute their plan, they would lock on to their targets and swiftly run at them. Each officer stood around ten feet apart from each other in case any one of them was to drop dead in the fight. With their UMPs they drilled a round of bullets into three of the criminals left. It was the bullets from their UMPs that Zak had to cover from since the SWAT team had no understanding of where his positioned lied in the fight. The criminals who were fired at had no time to react to the SWAT teams submachine guns. They were dropping like flies before they could target their weapons at the officers.


The scout sniper took out the final remaining criminal of the set. It was a short lived victory for the officers sweeping the area. Little did they know that Kendall was preparing for back up to arrive at any second. While Kendall kept his eyes on the officers, Jackie was still standing beside him with her hands raised high in the air. She knew that she would have to make a break for it sooner or later if she wanted to avoid being capture or worse….killed! There were still crowds of people scattered all over the place, so if Jackie started running away from Kendall now, Kendall might be able to lose sight of her.

"I've got to do this, I've got to do this," Jackie repeatedly said those words order to keep herself calm.

The reinforcements that Kendall had demanded now arrived. They caved in the north and south areas of Town Square, leaving all of Glover Ave open to run down.

Kendall was completely fixated on his men. He had taken his eyes completely off of Jackie and focused his full attention on the fight. Now was Jackie's ultimate opportunity to escape. Without further thinking, Jackie threw a sharp left elbow that took Kendall's breath away. A loud grunting noise came out of Kendall's mouth. As he grunted, the arm which he held his handgun in lowered from the firing position. He was now completely off guard. Jackie turned her body right at Kendall and followed up with a vicious uppercut. Kendall's body leaped backwards and his left hand shot to his nose like a magnet. The intensity that Jackie threw the uppercut punch with left Kendall's handgun flying out of his hands and across the street. Kendall was hurting so badly that he turned around and knelt on the ground with his left hand still clutching his nose.

The moment Kendall knelt down Jackie sprinted off toward the Town Square intersection. This move on Jackie's part was very risky, but it was Jackie's only hope of escape. Instead of running right through Town Square, she cut through a restaurant on the corner of the intersection. Kendall searched around for his gun, fiddling his right hand around like a baseball infielder who was having trouble picking a baseball up off the ground. Kendall wasted a full ten seconds on his part in search of his weapon which he had no dice in finding. He turned around back at his men who were engaged in battle which revealed the streak of blood oozing out from his nose.

"Where is she!" Kendall screamed in fury

Once more Zak's head arose from the cover position, glancing at the battle scene. The SWAT team was cornered by a group of twelve armed criminals. One of the men tried to melee one of the officers. The officer caught his punch and with his right hand he used a switchblade to make a clean cut directly through his heart. As he pulled out the blade, a bullet shot directly through the stabbed criminal which pierced the officer in the heart as well. The two other officers made a quick attempt to retaliate to the criminal's attacks and were successful in shooting down two more men with their UMPs. One of the officers was then shot from behind by one of the criminals. The last remaining officer on the ground took cover behind a car. The scout sniper on the rooftop spotted one of Kendall's men about to shoot off one of their grenade launchers.


The scout sniper took out the man, but it was too late. The man had already shot a grenade that left off a thunderous explosion from the car the officer was taking cover from. It was clear that the officer had fallen victim to the explosion that occurred. Before Kendall's men could focus their attention to the rooftop, the scout sniper had already fled the area. Out of the eighteen thugs that were situated for this preemptive attack, only eight of them remained. They had only managed to shoot up seven civilians before being confronted by the squad of officers. Kendall knew that it was only going to be a matter of minutes before another reinforcement of cops would arrive. He was very frustrated that he lost his hands off of Jackie. Joining the rest of his men, his anger went off on them.

"How the hell did you idiots not see her run through here?" He shouted.

One of his men spoke up, "There were too many civilians running around, how where we supposed to find her?"

"Well search around then and find her!" Kendall yelled back.

Town Square was now completely deserted, almost as if it was a ghost town. Only Jackie, Zak, Randy, and Jason were hiding and taking cover in the nearby shops. Out of the eight thugs left, including Kendall, only three of them decided to search around inside shops. They never went into the motorcycle shop where Zak, Randy, and Jason were hiding. The rest of the men searched outside, looking behind and under cars, and around corners.

One of the men spotted Zak's motorcycle, "Well, hey. Look at this nice ride. I don't believe it. This was behind us the whole entire time and I don't see a scratch on it."

Zak overheard the man. He was not pleased at all. If any of these men had the nerve to put one scratch on his bike, then he would stop at nothing to make them suffer.

"Well, now. I might as well try out this little gadget," He pulled out what looked like a lock pick. Zak had a bad feeling about what was going to happen next.

After several moments of bickering with Zak's bike he heard the roar of the engine turn on, "Aha! Success."

Kendall frustration continued to grow. He very well knew that if he didn't find Jackie then his whole team of criminals was in dire trouble, "How hard is it to find one girl?!?"


One of Kendall's white mini vans plunged through a set of vehicles, nearly taking him out in the process. It was Jackie and she hijacked one of Kendall's transporting vehicles.

Kendall was enraged, "Chase after her and kill her!"

Kendall and the rest of his men began to disperse into their two other transporting vehicles that would already parked in the area.

"It's hunting time!" The last man hopped on Zak's bike and sped off into the distance.

"Oh hell no. They did not just do that!" Zak was fuming.

He shouted behind him, "Hey, Randy, Jason. Do you have a vehicle I can borrow? I promise I will pay you back and I just need to man handle these jackasses outside!"

Jason popped his head up and threw Zak a set of keys from behind the counter.

"Those keys are to the used BMW bike we got!" Jason replied.

Zak hopped on the vehicle, turned the keys and shot right through the open window where broken glass lay all inside the motorbike shop. He let on the brakes and made a sharp stop out in the middle of the intersection. He knew that if he was going to chase after these outlaws, then he might very well have to be combative about it. Searching around quickly, he picked up a nine millimeter handgun which was concealed on one of the dead SWAT team officers. Zak also obtained a web belt which contained three aluminum black cans with circle corded pins attached to them. It wasn't much to ask for, but Zak knew that he would have to conceal his weapons on his black leather jacket. He was certain that he couldn't get away with carrying an M4 on his back while chasing down the criminals on his motorcycle. Small weapons did the trick. Blazing his way down Glover Ave, he moved swiftly and franticly, making his way around parked vehicles people who attempting to flee the area.

Ring! Ring!

Zak whipped out his cell phone and stuck the receiver to his ear.

"Zak, what is going on here? I went to check on you last night in your hotel room and I met this strange bum instead," it was Silvia.

He gave a firm reply, "Silvia, I am kind of busy right now!"

"Doing what?" Silvia answered back.

"Long story short, a bunch of insane criminals decided to wreck havoc around Town Square and now they have stolen my bike!" Zak continued to blaze down the open road.

Silvia expressed her annoyance as well, "Zak, get off it right now. I don't care if someone stole you bike. You need to stop playing this selfish game of yours!"

"Tell that to someone who cares!" Zak shouted.

Silvia was now enraged, "I swear Zak, if you try anything stupid, I will end your contract just like that."

"Well then fine. I quit!" Zak shouted as he hung up the phone.

Zak knew that he had just sentenced himself to the end of his motocross career. There was no way though that Zak could allow those outlaws to perform those heinous acts against all of these civilians and get away with it. When they stole his bike, it was the final straw. It was now either himself or them that was going to suffer and Zak would stop at nothing to fulfill his intentions.