Deep Green (Colour me Jealous)

She knows that she's got it as she walks by
She can get what she wants, whene'er she please
So of course she has him, it's the way that it goes
Now colour me jealous as jealous can be

Envy's a sin
That we all know
If left unatended
She'll grow and she'll grow

'Til you breath it and live it
It all becomes one
You're so jealous
You don't even know what you've done

It cuts you deep
It hits you hard
When you see them together
You let down your guard

The beast slips in
The beast slips out
Revelling in the envy
That's floating about

You wish you were her
You say that's not true
But I think we both know
What is really the truth

You wish that you had it, as you walked by
You wish you could get what you want with a look
You wish you had him, she was just a mem'ry
Yes, colour you jealous as jealous can be