Play the Game
Brief Note

For my own reasons, I am taking this story down – both versions. A huge, huge thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed this, and who followed Robyn and Harrison's story through to Somebody to Love (which will be removed in the near future, too). As always, your comments have encouraged me to keep writing, not just with Play the Game and Somebody to Love, but in general. I don't think, without Play the Game, Minor Talent would exist – this story was my first proper dive into romance, into exploring a relationship between two young adults, and the encouragements on the original story really helped me gain a footing in this genre. So, yeah, a huge thanks.

The story was inspired by some events during my first year at University, and I feel it added an extra depth to Robyn's character. (Though nothing as drastic as what happens to her. Something much simpler and less complicated, as well as...well, no Harrison.) Ideas from stories can come from the strangest places, and as long as they keep coming, I will keep writing.

And if you do want to know what happens to this in the future...keep an eye on my profile for when I start a blog. The future of Play the Game and Somebody to Love will be revealed there.

Thank you.