Here's a short poem that I thought up awhile ago. As you can probably tell, I'm very anti-war. :P

Hopefully, you enjoy this poem, but please, don't send me hate-mail for my beliefs. They're not going to change. :)

Enjoy, and Review!


War's Fingerprint.

A child's blank stare.

Too weathered, too wise. Too hard

To look at, you say.

Not enough people

Actually look, though. Look; see

Her childhood gone?

All because of an

Unneeded power struggle.

They never stopped to

Question it; the what-if's are

Still there, unanswered.

So why should we even

Try to answer them?


Author's Note:

Thanks for reading! If you liked it, or found something wrong with it, please review. It helps me tremendously. :)