Nestled from harm, the Lily sleeps.

Protected. Isolated. Nurtured by

The bed in which it lies.

Spurred from sleep, it grows.

It reaches to the surface,

Breaking into life, but a

Part remains below. The

Warmth of the sun, the

Lure of higher dreams

Draw it farther from

Where it began, but a part

Of the Lily remains below.

Through Wind and Rain,

Troubles and sorrows,

The Lily stands strong by

The bed that still offers

Comfort, support, nurturing.

The day finally comes.

The dawn brings change as the

Lily blooms in full color. Its

Petals open to the sun, its

Bright hue shining for the

World to see. The scent of

Love fills the air as the

Lily still looks below for guidance.

Summer draws to a close as

The Lily wilts, but its beauty has

Not disappeared forever. Just as

Those before it, what it has

Absorbed will nurture the

Growth of a new Lily.

A new Lily with the beauty

Of all those before it.