A/N: Written for english class - prompt was to write a very short piece about the masks you put up, from two perspectives - your own, and the outside world. And, thus, this piece. :D

You can be the charade]

Another morning brought to you by the letter G. Let's try and get it right this time people. Get up before that clock hits 6:47. Don't put another hole in your tights. Don't burn yourself straightening your hair – which it totally needs by the way. And for god's sake, don't forget to put your face on. You don't want them to see you for what you really are.

What if they saw that you're not that strong? What if they found out that you're not as confident as you say? What if they realized?

Don't let that hair fall out of place. Remember, always to smile. Don't run too slowly. Don't run too fast. Don't miss the train – or, if you do, don't push that person out of the way. You're just another school kid remember? Wait patiently; let's make a good impression now. And honestly, don't show more emotion than necessary.

What if they heard your thoughts for just one moment? What if you trusted them enough? What if you let them see?

Laugh. Louder. That was funny, make sure they know. Hug them, smile at them. Answer that question. Repair that hair. Straighten this. Fix that. Don't let them think there's anything under the surface. They don't need to know.

Do you remember what happened last time? The last time you showed them the way it would get to you? Don't you remember?

Good. Wait, was that a reflection. Is that really how it's looking? Must work on that. People judge on appearances you know. Maybe if you try a bit harder, you might be able to convince them too.

Oh my gosh, you're so vain!

[What's just past the illusion?
The quiet one.]