Walking. Is that all we do? Walk, now a days? I mean, sure… It's great for exercise, but why didn't we just stay home? Why screw everything up? Why… end up here? In a wasteland of a former wasteland? Why are we here? I think it's better to start at the beginning… of it all.

Hitch-Hikers' Guide To:

Nuclear Fallout

The new millennium, the Nuclear Age. Fall of communism, rise of terrorism. It's the west against the Middle-East. Iran struggles for Nuclear power despite massive pressure from the UN. Everyone is bent on oil, depression, market crash, joblessness.

While the world has its back turned, North Korea finishes its nuclear program. With three, fully working, nuclear missiles it threatens the end to its "enemies". The UN ignites with panic and anger. Pressure on North Korea increases, and the United States prepares for war, the UN backing it up. Even China put pressure on North Korea.

But it was too late. With this new distraction, Iran finishes its nuclear goals, and fires two nuclear missiles. One at Israel, devastating Israeli moral. The second was at the United States. The effect was heard world wide as Boston disappeared in a massive explosion. But we only wished it was the end of it.

The US defensive system, still not reprogrammed, retaliated with its own missile barrage, at its old targets in Moscow. Moscow's automatic systems, also not reprogrammed yet, retaliate with its own barrage. Now the world burns in the flames of mistakes. Countries panic, missiles are launched, bombs are dropped, bullets are fired.

But it's not enough… for salvation.

The Internet was originally designed as a failsafe, post-fallout communications system. After the dust had settled, small bands of colonies eventually evolved to use what was left so they could communicate. Now with the internet reworked, and the WWBC (World Wide Broadcasting Center) is established, life takes a sense of normalcy. The world interacts, talking and sharing ideas on how to survive in this post-war state of hell.

And for a year, the world returns to normal. Slowly dying… slowly living… slowly rebuilding. And the colonies are connected, and yet separate.

And never before, had they met.


Nate coughed into the cover of his face, and he looked at the small town that was lit up in the night. He adjusted his rifle in his arm, and he adjusted his goggles. He had been walking for a while; he couldn't believe that he had stumbled upon a place such as this. He smiled, slightly, and looked around for a way down to the colony. He'd probably get there by morning, when they could clearly see him from a while away. He didn't want to get shot like that. Not when he was so low on water and was hungry as hell. Maybe he'd find a roach before he made it down there.

Roaches were good eatin'.