Hooray! I'm finally getting my muse back. :)))

This poem is somewhat of a sequel to "Ten Minutes and You'll Be Broken." It contains the same characters, anyways. :P

Enjoy! :)


You're Not Like Me; i'm not like you...

A quick, bitter tongue,
Slicing through your skin,
Laced with lies; brimming with poison.

You try to understand me;
Don't you know that you can never win?

Because I'm breaking you down,
Beating you up--
I love what I'm doing, but
You hate every second of it.

You know you can't stop me, and
Your defenses begin to splinter
Apart, piece by piece...


A cold, bitter remark
That leaves her speechless;
I could almost laugh,
But it would go unheard.

See what I'm doing to you now?
I've stooped to a new low--
I whispered, you spoke.

In control, finally; it's
What I've always craved--
A new meaning to the word 'high.'

You're dearest girl, the one that
You cherish, will wither up;
A dead, fading flower
And it's all because of me.

You're desperate to understand, but
I locked up the answers to my secrets, and
I've thrown away the key.


Your silent, bitter end
Contrasts so ironically
With her piercing wails,
Her frantic sobs.

Our blood is spreading
Across the cement,
Like a kiss ensures wildfire--

That is how quickly time can be up.

Her pale hands are splattered red
As she mouths an apology
You won't ever hear.

Looking up at the sky,
Our vision blurs; dims.

You're weak, I whisper.
"Fuck you," you reply.

In your last, ragged breath,
You cry, while
I smile.

You've understood.


Author's Note:

Alright, so this is what I thought up in a flash of intuition. :P

Hopefully you all like it. I'm pretty proud of it, myself.

Review, please! Do you like it or not? :/

And, I'll give somebody 5 in-depth reviews on whatever story that they want, if they can guess what's so special about the narrator, and the two people that he's dealing with... :) You can look at the other story that's related to this, if you need to. Ten Minutes and You'll Be Broken.

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