Melissa Martinez

English 278 Section 02

Professor Brandt




"I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed, starving hysterical naked…"

Cast upon cellular shores of the modern sea, bellowing grievously for humanitarian aid,

Trampled by the chattering entrepreneurs treading from aromatic portals of the machine driven, sleep deprived addicts

Whose caffeine and Wall Street endeavors are printed in the cement of eternity, adding yet another brink to the wall.

Who clutched the gates of literacy, dreary eyed and plead dolefully for an entrance that has yet to be built.

Who auctioned off their souls to the marketed counterfeits of EBay and urged commoners to follow suit,

Who swore by zanex, alcohol, and cocaine to calm the continuous rattling of their imprisoned legs against the cool metallic pulse of the centrally governed institutions.

Who slept through welcoming orientation, then stood about cockeyed and bewildered in the abandoned auditorium of ignorance,

Whose viscid demeanor limits the imagination to stick figures and animated smilies as they ceaselessly pursue the likes of raw assed, imitation persons.

Who claim immortality amidst the youthful pages of the internet, with dreams of stardust and translucent vampiric courtiers, teary eyed and fraught with every transformation of the moon.

Who feigns romantic delight while maintaining a regular Craig's list ad, marketing delicate assets and waiting for the prostitution to commence,

Festering behind LED screens sailing across broadband shores in search of the next grand romantic gesture.

Who stride about Main Street, the cat walk of the ill advised, beckoning for the call of the landscape artists on the back of decade old pealed crimson trucks then cringe in shame.

Who cried to the fruit gods amidst the refrigerated aisles of enlarged markets grasping pineapples and papayas while escorts guided him towards the door.

Who found sanctuary in the midst of egg crates, beer bottles, and trash bag forts, clinging to cracked syringes and dumpster salvaged lettuces heads and pasta.

Who strut along the halls with slicked hair and aged trench coats, yielding Canons while wandering pedestrian eyes fear for Magnums,

Whose malignant tendencies involving needle points, lighter fluid, and hit lists written out of insipid boredom during lectures on the downfall of Mesopotamia are testimony to thoughtless inhibitions.

Who testify before their sacred protagonist, cross-legged and bleeding, as they await judgment for their incestuous tampering beneath neon staffs and pulsating walls.

Whose antipathetic conversation is matched by the course grazing of claws upon shoulder blades, torsos, breasts, and thighs.

Who crept into communal shower stalls and devoured a tantalizing feast of the flesh, continuing in the dorm room, theatre, and sedan.

Whose insatiable desire for experience climaxed atop the green polka dot couch of the stage betwixt two curvaceous galls and a tangled mass of sinew.

Whose dominant appendages have frozen from arthritis inducing wrist exercises performed daily.


What limp gathering of dementia induced minds coerced their way into the subconscious and burrowed themselves into permanence?

Inanna! Treachery! Compliance! Conceit! The mass production of miniscule communication enabling gossip rags! Mascara stained cheeks of emaciated starlets! Tabloid queens denying tiaras and abandoning thrones!

Inanna! Inanna the consumer ideal of the omission of food! Inanna Vogue! Inanna dietary guidelines! Inanna nutrition facts! Inanna Jenny Craig, Sought Beach, and lemonade fastings! Inanna!

Inanna devouring corporate America! Inanna government regulatory systems, demanding the growth of agriculture without profit! Inanna! Inanna the taxation of local produce carts! Inanna state implemented crop mutations!

Inanna nationwide consumer driven chain retail stores, the dilution of quality for quantity! Inanna price reducing smilies on billboards!

Inanna the decimation of the working gal's dollar! Inanna profiteering CEOs swindling pocket change from millions! Inanna who created an empire of centerfolds and faux ear clad maidens!

Inanna! Who harbors the divine pyramid of femininity, chaste and fertile!

Inanna! Who erected sperm depositories upon the sacred grounds of reproduction for cloning and mass distribution!

Inanna! Who is victim of her own disjointed tyrannical hubris, with claims of personal freedom while mercilessly rejecting another's

Inanna! Whose malleability is that of unadulterated gold!

Inanna! Inanna! Trickery of Inanna! Inanna the unforgiving! Manipulative Inanna! Inanna the bearer of life!

Inanna the inescapable test! Inanna!


Hey Virginia! I am with you in Rosewood

Where you're endless pursuits are immortalized

I'm with you in Rosewood

Where you were deemed feeble minded

I am with you in Rosewood

Where your mind recalls charlotte's Yellow Wallpaper in wonder

I am with you in Rosewood

Where you gaze longingly out decaying window frames while seated upon shards broken glass and wallpaper peels

I am with you in Rosewood

Where you quote Mein Kampf in fragmented German, feeling an unsubstantiated connection to Miss Braun

I am with you in Rosewood

Where they imposed gender specific domesticity

I am with you in Rosewood

Where we tug at the ends of our gowns watching as eye brows raise

I am with you in Rosewood

Where you deemed female sexuality the golden mean of existence

I am with you in Rosewood

Where you have tasted the candied nectar of the holy shell

I am with you in Rosewood

Where you abandoned the capricious serpent in favor of his silky marine sibling

I am with you in Rosewood

Where the raw bestial roots of your salacity have been drained and whither from deprivation

I am with you in Rosewood

Where you once lived amidst two thousand other carnally destitute birds separated by layers of drywall and brick

I am with you in Rosewood

Where your flittering soul is caged by anesthetic treatments to abate succulent cravings

I am with you in Rosewood

Where you vomit expletives in objection to sedentary placidity, with gnarling teeth and thrusting claws

I am with you in Rosewood

Where the obstinate trained apes carry clipboards and distribute powdered lentil shaped toxins and placebos

I am with you in Rosewood

Where depravity, our only true feat, is our own damnation

I am with you in Rosewood

Where we have been freed for eternity by the arsenal of delusional drug induced miscreants, clutching each other atop our century old cots with cigarettes in hand, igniting our perishing prison.

I am with you in Rosewood

Whose doors have been barred permanently as of one June past, after a second arson, malpractice, negligence, and abuse reports surfaced diminishing the immaculate façade of the once prized product of social protection.


Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! Damned! Damned! Damned! Damned!

The Earth is damned! The Holy Spirit Damned! The flesh is damned! The lips are damned! The tongue the cunt the finger the clit damned!

Everything is damned! Everyone is damned! Everywhere is damned! Every minute is in transience! Every woman's a beast!

The nefarious as damned as the Holy! The vagrant as damned as the fetus! The barren as damned as you my womb are damned!

The pen is damned! The college ruled sheet is damned the eyes are damned the reader damned the exuberance damned!

Damned John Damned Austin Damned Lupascu damned Hassman damned Paulus damned Curry Damned Canahuati! Damned angelic virgin Marys and untainted princesses damn the dilapidated devious saints!

Damn my father engineless in the streets of Hermiston! Damn the alcohol saturated crotches of Americana!

Damn the musing Theremin! Damn the folk revival! Damn the coffee absorbing acoustic djembe tappers harmonica and fiddlers!

Damn the romanticized notion of caffeine, nicotine, and estrogen! Damn the veins of Baltimore County, swelling with every vocalized groan! Damn park benches cradled beneath sycamore limbs, pleading to be utilized in sensual endeavors!

Damn the cement trenches and steel edifices! Damn the stadium scale lingerie advertisements on their shoulder! Damn Victoria's grand corporate secret!

Damn the pleated constraints of society engendered cloth confines, muting circulation, suffocating, concealing; a hindrance to wanton pleasures!

Damn Berlin damn Macau damn Manama damn New Orleans damn Moscow damn Rio damn Vegas damn Amsterdam damn Tijuana Damn Pattaya!

Damn ephemerality the perpetual motions of the cogs in the universe. Damn fluidity! Damn the everlasting compounding multiverse!

Damn obstructed depth perception, libertine courted, yore hours of lechery; product of oil coated chocolate morsels, stress gorged weeks of scenery, dead blows, mailing, screwing, penetrating wood planks, and classroom bigotry!

Damn Vanity! Greed! Apathy! Eratticism! Damned! Our Bodies! Affirmation! Love!

Damned! The complete lustrous insurgence of monogamistic practices!