Chapter 1

Myth stood by his locker, his eyes sealed on the blonde that was laughing loudly at something the girl next to her had said. A slight frown came to his face when they walked past him, the blonde still giggling. Her eyes were bright and her face was flushed. She was the perfect image of happiness... how could that be? Her almost-almond shaped green eyes met his briefly before moving away swiftly. She was beautiful. Although she couldn't have been taller than 5ft4, the way she carried herself screamed 'rich!' and made people do anything she bid them to. With wavy blonde hair that reached her mid-back, she didn't need money to get people to do things for her. Her beauty was what most boys in school talked about. She had full, plump lips that were naturally pink and when she smiled, girls seethed in jealousy.

Needless to say, she was one of the most popular girls in school and Myth had been watching her a while now. Although those lips made for seduction were always in a smile and her eyes shone bright with humour, there was something in her that threw him off. Myth wasn't a guy who was self-conscious. In fact, he was so confident in himself that most thought him to be arrogant, but he wasn't. He was tall, almost 6ft4 and handsome in a dark way. Literarily. He had black hair that looked almost navy and eyes so dark they would have passed for black. But, when it came to speaking to the blonde, he never really felt like it. She seemed a little too fake.

He blinked slowly when a loud bang sounded by his head. Knowing who it was, a slow grin came to his face. Turning, he looked into the darkest eyes that a person could've had. They were dark enough that you couldn't tell where the iris and pupil met. Quite similar to his.

"Hey," he said, his smile deepening, the memory of the blonde fading away quickly.

"How's Mr I'm-Too-Hot-For-My-Pants doing this sunny morning?" Demony said leaning on her own locker.

"Great!" Myth said sarcastically.

"Oh, for Soul's sake, look happy for once!" Demony rolled her carefully made up eyes and sighed.

Myth turned away from her, taking the books he needed out of his locker. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"It means, smile for once and mean it."

Myth sighed and looked at her once again. Her raven hair was in a high ponytail today, making her black eyes stand out. The red lip gloss she had put on wasn't helping either. If people thought the blonde was pretty in a light 'sunshine-y' way, Demony was attractive in the dark way. She had an aura that captivated people and made them stare at her when she walked by. She was taller than the blonde and usually wore heels on top of it. She usually looked down at people, yet people just couldn't stop admiring her. Her beauty was like black magic which they couldn't escape. And most of the time, she used it to her advantage. "Demony, piss off." Myth said, remembering why he had been mad at her yesterday.

Demony's nicely shaped eyebrows frowned but her eyes were bright. "That's the spirit."

Myth shut his locker and shaking his head, made his way to his Physics class. "Don't you have a lesson, Demon?"

Demony smiled brightly as she ran to catch up with his long strides, revealing perfect teeth. "I don't want you to call me that."

"You sure act like one sometimes." Myth said lightly, as if he was saying the most normal thing possible. In a way he was.

Demony shook her head. "Myth, I didn't even do anything today! I am being the perfect citizen, talking to you politely as anyone else would."

"Yep, but I'm talking about yesterday." Myth didn't look at her as he spoke.

Demony stopped walking and a pout came on her pretty lips. "I already said sorry."

Myth walked another few steps before stopping. "And I already told you that it's not enough."

Demony started walking again, and when she reached Myth, she put her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek lightly. "Myth, I love you...please forgive me."

He shook his head. "Not that easy missus."

Demony sighed and let him go. "Fine, we'll talk about it later. See you at break!"

Myth stood there for a few seconds, watching Demon walk away. Her presence was making the other girls around her uncomfortable. He could feel it. Starting to walk to Physics 3, he couldn't imagine a girl not being intimidated by Demony's 5 ft 8 height and the clash of her pale skin with her dark hair and eyes.

Getting Demony out of his mind, he took his seat and listened as Mr Bird started the lesson.

Demony entered her Music class, her eyes scanning the students inside. The smile she had shared so easily with Myth had long disappeared, replaced by a hard face, which almost looked unreal. The neutral expression on her face looked scary, thus the people in her way moved away to let her sit in the back row.

The only person that hadn't looked up when she had entered was the blonde, who was sitting by the baby grand piano; her fingers moving swiftly over the keys, but not playing them. Her lack of interest annoyed Demony more than normal, however, she didn't move from her seat and do what she loved best. She could tell that the blonde was aware of her presence from the spike in her aura but she didn't think Demony was good enough to look at. Demony gritted her teeth a little before she reminded herself to calm down. Getting angry wouldn't serve anyone right. She knew that. And…Myth would never forgive her if she lost control.

"Okay! Take your seats; lesson should've started...four minutes ago!" Ms Lamp said as she walked to her desk. "That includes you, Abril Summers."

The blonde-Abril- walked to her seat in the front row, an easy smile on her face. "Sure," she said.

Demony watched her closely. She had long, blonde hair and a very good tan. Herclothes were all designer and her nails were perfectly manicured and painted in deep crimson. Demony hated spoiled brats like her. What amazed her most was, though, how well she hid her real emotions. Her forest green eyes shone bright with happiness, whereas her insides was sobbing in agony.

Demony, noticing that she had started frowning, looked away from the blonde and watched as Ms Lamp explained the shift from Romantic to 20th Century.

"The question is;" she said, "was the movement necessary?"

Demony blocked her voice and entered a world of her own. She felt peaceful. The silence surrounded her and the darkness took her body over. She nearly laughed from joy. How could someone give this up?

All of a sudden she felt pain. Pain mixed with all the other emotions in the room. But the pain was so strong; it forced her to feel it. The pain wasn't physical. It was all completely emotional. And the weight of the pain and the agony of it made her feel like weeping. Pushing herself out of the darkness suddenly, she looked around the room to find the person who was in that desperate need of help. People with such sadness weren't healthy for her kind.

As she scanned the room, her eyes swifted over Abril's. It was her.

Suddenly she was happy that it had been Abril to be suffering so.

The bell rung, making her jump slightly. That was the end of the double lesson. Sighing in delight, Demony stood up and thanked the Souls for the darkness that made the time pass faster than normal.

Wasn't she a lucky bitch?

Abril walked to the canteen and bought a bottle of lemonade.


She turned around to see her best friend rushing to her side. She was a small, petite girl with strawberry blonde hair. There were a few freckles on her nose which made her look younger than her 18 years.

"You can never guess what Logan said to me today!" Mae shrieked.

Abril laughed lightly. "Calm down, Mae! Tell me from the beginning."

Mae sighed blissfully. "He asked me where I had bought my pen from. You know that Winnie-the-pooh one?"

Abril blinked, then started laughing uncontrollably. "You've got to be kidding me!"

Mae pouted. "That's not what best friends do. You're supposed to scream in glee and jump up and down or something!"

Abril stopped herself from laughing and looked at her friend; sober. "Sorry, but that's got to be the worst pick-up line Woodland High Academy has ever had. A pen!"

"Don't say that!" Mae said laughing.

Abril giggled as she made her way outside, to the playground. "So... what did you say?"

Mae hurried to catch up with Abril. "I said that it was my little sister's."

"But I swear it was a present from your little sister." Abril said turning to face her friend with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes... but he doesn't know that!" Mae grinned.

"I can't believe you, Mae."

Mae giggled. Then stopped abruptly. "Oh, my God! Who's that!"

Abril followed her friend's gaze to see a tall boy with black hair walking out with a girl following closely. "She's Demony. Does Music with me."

"Not her, you idiot! We all know Demony. The guy!"

"Probably her boyfriend. He's taken, Mae... carry on chasing Logan." Abril looked away from them and looked at her friend.

Mae sighed. "But he's so fit!"

"That's why there's no way a hottie like him is going to be single." Abril sighed when the sun touched her bare arms and legs. "This is bliss! Let's sit down somewhere."

Mae looked at her friend and shook her head. "You're crazy! With that tan of yours, you still want more sun!"

"My tan is not real. I want a real one." Abril said.

"Well, you can go ahead and get skin cancer. But you got to do it alone, 'cause I'm out!"

Abril rolled her eyes. "Mae!"

"I'm gonna go speak to the hottie. Find out who he is, and why I never saw him before. You go sit at that bench over there on your own. You won't be alone for long, don't worry."

"No way," Abril said thinking of all the people who would be around her asking her to parties and cinemas and pools and bar and…the list went on and on. And Abril's answer was always the same.

"Yes, way. Come if you want." With that, Mae walked away from Abril towards where the 'hottie' who was sitting on a bench with a few other guys. Demony was nowhere in sight anymore.

Looking around and not seeing anyone familiar, Abril had no choice but follow her tiny friend.

"Hey," Mae said as they reached the boys.

All three looked up, their eyes wide. "Hey," the 'hottie' was the first to recover from the shock.

"I'm Mae, and this is Abril," Mae smiled.

"May and April?" The 'hottie' questions, his dark eyes alive with humour.

Mae laughed. "Mine's spelled with an AE and hers with a B," she clarified.

'Hottie' laughed. "Cool. I'm Myth."

"Are you really?" Mae asked her eyes bright.

Myth laughed. "Yeah," he said. "These are-"

"You really do look like a character out of a myth, you know that?" Mae cut in, not interested in the two guys sitting with him.

Myth frowned. "Is that a compliment?"

"Of course!"

"Thanks, Mae. And Abril... how are you doin'?" Those eyes shifted To Abril's and held on/

Abril blinked. "Great, thanks." she answered with fake enthusiastically.

Before Myth had the chance at saying something else, Mae cut in again. "So... how come I've never seen you before?"

"Oh... because I was at the other building of this college, which is about a mile away. I only moved to this department because they did Physics, whereas the other did Chemistry. I still have to go there for Maths though."

"Oh, so you've actually been in Woodland High, but on the department up the road?" Mae clarified.

Myth nodded, his smile still on his face. Suddenly his dark eyes turned to Abril again.

Abril suddenly stopped breathing. Her vision blurred for a second, then returned. "Wow," she whispered.

When a frown came over Myth's face, she carried on. "Your eyes are so dark. They look black!"

Myth laughed nervously. "And yours are very green. Seems like a whole rain forest is in them."

Abril blushed. "Sorry, I know that was a little random."

Myth laughed. "No, it's fine. I get it a lot."

"Okay...well, we have to go now," she smiled nervously, for once showing real emotions. "Right Mae?"

It looked like Mae was about to disagree but Abril grabbed her friend's arm and walked away.

"Nice to meet you, Myth!" Mae shouted as they walked away.

"Nice to meet you?" Demony asked her eyes wide. "I go away for a second and you've already made two more friends?"

Myth watched as the boys he was with slowly walked away, leaving them alone. "Yeah, they're nice."

"That blonde... she's disgusting!" Demony's face scrunched up in dislike.


"She reeks of agony and pain! There's nothing but darkness surrounding her!" Demony remembered how it had felt in Music and held back a shiver.

Myth's lips thinned and eyes narrowed as he watched Demony stand up. "That doesn't make her disgusting."

Demony rolled her eyes in disbelief. "You're the most annoying creature ever, you know that?"

Myth laughed and stood up too. "Yeah, but you still love me," he said pulling her close to his side.

"You wish," Demony huffed but leaned against his warmth anyway.

"Just be kind to her. I can sense your hatred for her, Demon, and I don't see why. She hasn't done anything to you."

"She's everything I hate." Demony said, not looking at Myth.

"I thought you liked people in pain."

"Yes, but she's got everything! Everything that my ancestors had to once fight and work for. She has it all, just because she was born into it!"

Myth frowned. "Are you telling me you're jealous because she's rich?"

"That's exactly what I'm saying." Demony raised her eyes and looked at Myth.

"But Demon, you know that I can get you anything you want," Myth said grinning at her.

"Yes, but I can get it myself too. So thanks, but no thanks."

"Then what's the problem? You know you're being a hypocrite? You're not poor, never have been."

"I know, but she got it all by just being born into her family. My parentshad to work for it. Don't you see, Myth?"

Myth sighed and pulled away from her. "That's enough nonsense for a day, Demon. You don't know anything about her family. They might have worked for it too."

Demony looked at Myth, a small pout on her lips. "You're so kind; always trying to look at the kind side of everything. You are aware that it just doesn't suit our nature, right?"

Myth shook his head as a smile came to his face. "You should try it. Apparently it's healthy."

"Yeah, for humans!"

"That's what you are," Myth said, sounding annoyed.

"Oh...get over it!" Demony said with a tone that suggested that wanted to move on.

"Demony..." the way Myth said her name made it sound like a warning.

"Myth! I'm going home."

"Don't you have more lessons?"

Demony looked at him like he had lost his mind. "Yeah... doesn't mean I have to stay for them."

Myth shook his head, and to show his anger towards her, walked away without saying anything.

Demony stood still for a while, watching Myth smoothly walk away. Every one of his steps were pouring with swagger and confidence; how could someone not love him?

When he disappeared indoors, she made her way to the exit.

Abril closed her eyes and tried to block out Mae's voice.

"Did you see how...perfect his teeth were?" Mae asked without taking a breath.

Abril opened her eyes and looked at her over-excited friend. "I didn't notice him smiling, I didn't look at his teeth."

Mae sighed. "Abril you are so dull! I can't believe you didn't look at him properly while we had the chance." She paused and looked around. Suddenly her eyes lit. "Oh, my God! You did! You told him he had very dark eyes!"

Abril rolled her eyes and put her head on her arms which were folded on her desk. "Shut up."

Mae didn't listen. "Yeah... and then he said something along the lines of 'I see the amazon in your eyes,' right?"

Abril laughed. "It was the rain forest, not the amazon!"

Mae giggled. "So you were paying attention!"

It wasn't a question. It was a statement. And a right one too.

Abril had looked at every detail that she could manage in that short time when they had spoken. She had noticed how one eyebrow had a thin cut, and how his lips weren't too full or too thin. She had even noticed that he had a tattoo on the side of his neck. It seemed to be a few words in a language she hadn't recognised.

"He looked hot," she accepted finally.

Mae sighed in relief. "Whoa, girl! I actually was thinking you lost your taste from not having touched a guy in so long. Wait! Forget touching-you've not dated one for so long!"

Abril stiffened and relaxed before Mae noticed. "Even I can see that he's God-sent. No girl stands a chance."

Mae's eyes wrinkled through her laughter. "It's so good to hear you say that, y'know? I was losing faith!"

Abril smiled. "Unfortunately he's taken."

Mae sighed. "She's one lucky bitch!"

"Yeah," Abril said taking out a notebook for her next lesson. "Yeah," she repeated.

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