Blue Moon


This is my first proper Aria story that involves Ogre Child and Jen as my other stories are about the Nassicus siblings plus Inyunaruto365 wrote an swet story on Fan Fiction about Aria and it made me wanna write but this is basically the first one where Ogre Child first came to Aria and realised her destiny was to help protect Aria along with meeting Jen but I hope you guys like.

It was a warm day as a young girl was walking from school.

Her name was Naraka Asiba and she was sixteen with long hair with a sliver streak running through her hair but was slender but she had a feeling that she didn't belong in this world but her parents told her that Earth was her home but she smiled as she left her home later that night while her parents were asleep as she'd gotten a strange text that told her to go to the local graveyard as she was curious but when she got there, she saw somebody appear.

It was a man with pale skin and he wore sunglasses over his dark eyes but he was slebder and wore a cloak as she was curious as suddenly he unwrapped it and it became a portal as they wwent through it as Naraka saw they were in a Japanese temple as she was curious.

"I am Shadowius.

We came here to my world, a world filled with wonder and great darkness which is populated by creatures that your world wouldn't understand but your destiny is at hand as dark forces have taken over and they're seraching for the very warrior who can stop them." he explained.

Naraka wanted to ask him more but suddenly everything began to fade along with Shadowius as she was in darkness........

Rays of bright morning sunlight entered Naraka's room as her eyes opened as she realised she was in her room as she sighed but as she looked in the mirror, she saw a dark blue moon mark on her forehead as she was in awe about it knowing it was cool but wondered how it got there as she remembered what had happened last night.


That was one cool dream I had last night.

I wonder what it means?" she thought as she was getting ready for school.

But as she showed up at school, she saw Shadowius on the roof as she decided to climb up as she hoped nobody could see him as he smiled as she saw this as she was worried.

"What're you doing here?" she asked him.

"You should enjoy today as it's your last day as an normal girl because your destiny will be starting.

Soon your life will be better.

Don't worry because no humans can see me unless those who believe in the unseen and the mystical along with believing in yourself as soon things will get better." he told her.

She then heard the bell ring as she had to go to class as she sat in the classeoom but couldn't focus as images of creatures and another world filled her mind as she was curious.

Later after dinner, Naraka was in her room on the bed.

Sudden;y she read something strange on her phone.

"Ogre Child?

What does that mean?" she asked herself.

Suddenly around midnight, the dark blue moon mark on her head began to glow as she was engulfed in blue light as she began to change as she shielded her eyes but after it faded, she gasped looking at herself in the mirror.

She was now a dark blue skinned ogre with long tendril like black hair with pointed ears hidden behind it as she was slender but musclar as she wore a silver suit of armour that was unbreakable, unburnable and unshockable along with having a dark blue crescent moon crest on her armoured chest as there was a sword in a sheath on her back as she was confused as she was strong enough to crush anything even a bus.

Suddenly she was pulled into the mirror as it became a portal............