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en was nervous as he entered the purple bricked castle as he knew Skye and the others would hate him for helping Nalia but Ogre Child had reassured him things would be okay as she would explain everything to her parents and to Shadowius but Skye smiled hugging him.

"You forgive him so easilt?" Shadowius asked stunned.


Nalia threatened to hurt his family if he didn't help her." Skye replied.

Ogre Child smiled at her mother but wondered how they were going to defeat Nalia but Brydon had an idea.

"Arian legend tells of the true Queen of Aria who breathed life into our kingdom and all our people but she is somewhere on Earth." he said.

Ogre Child was in awe hearing this as she knew this true Queen of Aria could help them but wondered what she looked like.

An image then appeared in Skye's crystal ball revealing a human with black and red hair wearing glasses and was slender but had a long cane in her hand.

"Her name is Pricat.

We must find her before Nalia learns of her." Brydon said.

Ogre Child nodded in agreement as fire was in her dark eyes.

"Wait a minute.

You can't go alone.

You need a partner." Shadowius said.

Skye agreed smiling as she looked at Jen.

Suddenly Arian magic engulfed him as Ogre Child was nervous but relieved after it faded seeing him in a suit of familiar jet black armour with a cape but there was a gold heart emblem on his armoured chest and helmet.

"What did you do to him?" Ogre Child asked.

The Goodness Witch smiled at the dark blue skinned Ogreix Warrior.

"He became an Arian Knight.

The Gold Heart Ograrian Knight.

Like his father was supposed to be." Skye answered.

Jen was in awe hearing this.

"What do you mean by my father?

He was supposed to be an Arian Knight?" Jen asked.

"Yes he was until he became dark hearted.

Like you but you had help to rescue yourself.

He didn't." Brydon told him.

Jen understood as he knew that he and Ogre Child had a powerful destiny together and they then sensed a powerful Arian aura coming from the Forest of Hope but Ogre Child had a smile on her dark blue skinned face knowing it was the true ruler of Aria as they left but Brydon understood as he hoped they could get to her in time.

They then appeared in the Forest of Hope but saw somebody fighting Hate Spirits as Dragon Heart Ogreix emitted from her hands as Jen and Ogre Child took care of the other Hate Spirits but the black and red haired woman smiled but Ogre Child saw she wore glasses as Carley smiled with magic in her eyes.

"Hello Ogre Child.

It's been a while since I was here.

I see you found somebody precious to you." she said.

"Yes she has Your Highness." Jen said.

They then bowed before her.

A playful smile crossed her face.

"I am Carley.

It's what the humans in the world I come from call me.

Like you Ogre Child, I found somebody precious to me." she answered.

"You have?" Ogre Child asked.


Her name is Leah.

She and I have a lot in common.

I hope she finds her way here too.

You guys would love her.

She is brave like an Ogreix Warrior.

Never giving up but also loyal like an Arian Knight.

She sees with her heart." she said.

"Wow she sounds amazing.

We should go to the castle.

Brydon and Skye are waiting.

We have to defeat Nalia." Jen said.

"Yes I know about her.

Ogre Child told me about her a long time ago.

But we will stop her." Carley said.

They smiled as they left the Forest of Hope......