June 13, 1923

Dear Diary,

This will be my final entry. I am writing fast for they are coming closer every second. It has been three months since Papa was killed. I have done more and more research about Mussolini's rule. I found so many bad things about it.

Yesterday I talked to Antonio. I told him what I had learned and asked him if he would leave the Blackshirts. He became furious. He hit me across the face, leaving my left eye swollen. I ran after that, but Mama just told me that Antonio reported me to his superior. I am now a national threat, and if they catch me I will most likely be executed like my father.

I am getting ready to leave my home forever. I will run to France. Exactly where and what I will do once I get there is unknown. But I must get out of the country. I will miss this beautiful country and Mama but I have no choice.

I only wish I had known the truth about Antonio sooner…


Entry 5/5. Thanks for reading!