Legs intertwined on that old couch
I don't remember its color,
everything was black and white
in comparison to, well,
not to sound cliché, but

your tan ones and my pale ones,

you said once you thought it was
cute, how pale and
breakable I looked, and I
think about that sometimes
at the most random times and
I just have to smile

so close to one another

it was kind of intoxicating,
the way you just sat down beside me
when I was off guard, and
everyone knew I had lost my...
train of thought because allofasudden
my brain was overloaded
and it was just

your head on my shoulder

that close, I could smell
your shampoo, and your perfume,
and the lotion you wear,
and I breathed it in,
I breathed you in,
and I tried to memorize your smell,
but as soon as you were
gone from my arms,
it fled my mind as well

one of my hands in
one of your hands

and now just thinking of it,
I get a little lonely, because
there's nothing like it,
holding your hand,
it makes me brave

and your fingertips
touching my skin,
so warm it made me shiver

I'd never been touched
like that before,
so soft and slow and sweet,
and I'll admit that I got

goosebumps, just from
you touching me.
Your fingernails traced
secrets on my skin and I,
I wanted all of you

I was acutely aware of you,
you right there, next to me

the way you talked in sultry tones
seduced me into your world, and
I would've stayed there forever.
I was drunk, I was drunk off
your presence and how close we were.
And all I wanted at that very moment
was there, all I wanted was in my arms

I just wanted to be with you.

I just wanted to exist with you
to drink in everything you are
to lay with you all night and
sleep, held in your arms
until the sun came up and
we would blink and smile
and welcome the new day in.