A Quick Pronunciation Guide
Caomhe (fully aware it's misspelled): KEE-va
Joeri: YOO-ri
Celia: CHEL-ya

Pink Ranger

Leah had gone through ten outfits the night before the first day of school. Ten. Somehow, none of the new shirts or skirts she had gotten seemed as cute as they had been at the mall. She ended up in some overly pink ensemble and felt ridiculous for it.

"Looking at you gives me a strong craving for bubblegum," said Fiona upon seeing her, which only confirmed Leah's worst fears. Then again, this was coming from the girl who made the daring decision to don yellow rubber boots.

Caomhe rolled her eyes at Fiona. "You look cute, Lee." She seemed to be on the lookout for someone.

Leah smiled gratefully, but whatever reassurance she gathered from that was immediately dashed when she heard Keiran say, "Whoa! Leah's the pink Power Ranger!" as the boys trampled up to them.

Fiona slapped her palm against her face and Celia said, "Thanks for that, Keiran. Really. It is every teenage girl's dream to be compared to a Power Ranger."

"Hey, I said the pink Power Ranger," said Keiran defensively. "And in case you don't remember, she was kinda…" He let out a long whistle.

"Yeah. I think it's safe to say that the Pink Ranger inspired feelings in us that we, at the time, did not quite understand," said Garrett.

Charlie inhaled and exhaled in an odd way. "I used to have… dreams… about her…" he said, sounding like he was in a daze. Joeri smiled vaguely at this.

The girls stared at the boys, who all seemed to be living in some kind of fantasy world until Caomhe spoke. "You're all sick."

Hahahahahaha. This scene honestly makes me so happy.

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