A/n: This is my first attempt at a slash story. I'm writing this for my creative writing class and for fun. Its probably not very good since its my first attempt at writing a slash. Anyways this story was beta'd by my English/Creative writing teacher and my friend Eyes Turned Skyward. If there are any mistakes please let me know.

Summary: Ethan is a blogger who's had Tourette's syndrome all his life, along with major anxiety problems. Add to that he has an undiagnosed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a mother who isn't very stable at the moment, and has suddenly figured out he's gay. Throw into the mix his new and confusing feelings for the very hot Doctor with blue hair named Jason

Word count: 5, 866

Rating: T

Warnings: M/M

Chapter one: Strange Encounter

Ethan ran down the steps of the subway station praying that he wasn't going to miss his train. He had gotten up late this morning because for whatever reason his alarm didn't go off and his roommate didn't wake him up. The platform was in sight and he saw the train doors were wide open. Ethan picked up speed, his laptop bag banging against his side. He managed to get on just as the doors were closing and grabbed onto a pole. He sighed, completely out of breath resting his forehead against the pole for a second before quickly pulling away. He would have to use a lot of Purell on his forehead and hands once he got off for touching the pole.

This was not how Ethan had wanted to start his day, especially when he had an important interview with former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney. The former governor had made some off handed comments about Sarah Palin while he was on the "Late Show with Letterman" along with comments about homosexuals in the military and abortion. Ethan had no idea why Letterman was asking Romney questions about that. Yet Ethan could hear his liberal friend Sierra now beginning her rants about Romney's comments, she had not even called him, but he already knew what she was going to say.

The doors of the train opened. Ethan rushed out and raced up the stairs out of the dark subway. When he got up to the street above he was in too much of a hurry to notice that the streets were more crowded than usual. As he started to run, he found himself flat on the ground after running into someone.

"Are you all right?"

Ethan looked up to see a man about two years older than himself, maybe 28 with blue hair and violet eyes. He had cream-colored skin and was taller than Ethan at about 5'10. He was wearing a doctor's lab coat with an I.D. attached to the breast pocket and the symbol of Mount Sinai Hospital stitched into the coat. Ethan then noticed the hand that was being offered took it, brushing the dirt off his pants, and muttered, "Thank You." He grabbed his fallen bag and raced down the street to the building containing the small online magazine company he worked for Public Knowledge. He didn't notice the Blackberry and small notebook lying on the ground where he fell, but the man with the blue hair did.

When he reached his office a few minutes later after running up seven flights of stairs because there was no way he was going to take the elevator. He would have used a whole bottle of Purell if he had done that but he was so late and the elevator in the building was so damn slow.

He collapsed into his chair out of breath from running. He had barely made it with only 10 minutes left until the interview was about to start.

"Oh, great you're here Ethan!"

Ethan stood up at the sound of the excited voice of his boss Maria as she came out of her office, her curly brown hair bouncing as she walked.

"Sorry I'm late my alarm didn't go off," Apologized Ethan

"Well you're here that's all that matters. I hope you have everything, Romney should be here any minute now."

Ethan nodded as Maria went back to her room and pulled his bag into his lap. He first pulled out his bottle of Purell squirting a liberal amount into his hands and rubbed them together. He also dabbed some on his forehead since he rested his headed against the poll. He then looked for his blackberry and notebook. He dug around in the pocket. He had put them in the night before, but he couldn't find them! Panicked, he began to pull everything out and they still weren't there. Even as he shook the bag, only lint and other dust bunnies floated out. Ethan was really panicking now.

"W-Where are they??" he asked himself, his voice cracking.

He felt his breathing quicken, becoming shallower, and then he realized that he had forgotten to take his anxiety pills this morning and now he was hyperventilating!

This was not good….not good at all. He quickly sat down and tried to control his breathing as he frantically searched through his desk drawers for extra Paxil that he kept in case of an emergency. Finally he found the bottle and opened it shakily nearly ripping the cap off the small orange bottle. Overjoyed at the sight of the two small pills resting at the bottom of the bottle, he shook them out into his hand and popped them into his mouth and dry swallowed. He sat down relaxing waiting for the pills to start working.

"Is there an Ethan Westerfield here?"

At the mention of his name, Ethan perked up and peaked over the top of his cubicle. Standing in the middle of the room was the man with blue hair and violet eyes that he had bumped into.

"I-I'm right here." Ethan said almost stuttering as he got up from his desk and went over to the man. The man smiled when he saw Ethan, which for whatever reason caused him to blush at the warm smile directed at him.

"You dropped these," Said the strange blue haired doctor, as he handed Ethan his blackberry and now slightly muddy notebook from the puddles of rain that lingered after the massive amount of rain from the storms the past few weeks.

He could have hugged the man but refrained -as he didn't like hugging all that much and he would have had to use more Purell- and took the notebook and blackberry.

"Thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't find them."

"You're welcome, Ethan. By the way, I'm Jason."

"Thank you, Jason." Ethan replied using the man's name, which for whatever strange reason saying Jason's name sounded strange to him.

"Again you're welcome. Here's my business card," Replied Jason, handing Ethan a small rectangular piece of card paper

Jason then turned to go, "Oh how about we have lunch sometime?" he added nonchalantly as he left.

Ethan stared after him completely and utterly confused by the man and the feeling that was growing in his chest.


Ethan found arms of someone wrapped around him in a hug and realized it was Cassandra one of the girls he worked with. He quickly extracted himself from the hug feeling very uncomfortable. Although Cassandra never seemed to notice and ever since he had started working had always been overly affectionate. It seemed to be in her nature.

"He was totally hitting on you!" squealed Cassandra, bouncing as her high heals clicked on the floor. She had always; he had noticed had an affinity for overly large heels. He had seen them hurt people once before when Cassandra had forced him to go out to a restaurant and a drunken man started hitting on her. He accidentally grabbed her breast and he she kicked in the groin with her heals.

"What are you talking about?!"

"Are you really that oblivious? Mr. Tall Blue Hair and Sexy asked you out to lunch and gave you his business card."

"I really doubt that's what he was doing, Cassandra. He was just being nice."

"Fine, believe what you want." huffed Cassandra, tossing her dirty blond hair over her shoulder as she headed back to her desk.

Ethan sighed, completely confused, went back to his desk and waited for Maria to call him for the interview.

He heard a loud bang and what sounded like a frustrated groan as Maria appeared from her office a few minutes later looking rather irritated

"What's wrong?"

"Apparently Romney's flight from Logan's been delayed because of rain. You're off the hook for today, Ethan." She turned and nearly stormed back into her office the door slamming behind her, causing Ethan to wince at the loud bang of it.

Ethan stared after her. So he had rushed this morning, nearly lost his Blackberry, and had a panic attack for no reason?! He sighed and rested his head against his desk. Today was really not his day at all and it had barely even started. He sat back up, opened up his laptop and turned it on. Since he didn't have the interview he might as well work on the other articles Maria had assigned him earlier in the week, although he wasn't too thrilled to be writing about the health care reform bill and the fighting and constant arguing between the democrats and Republicans.

He worked on the article until about quarter to two. He was feeling a little hungry and started to shut down his laptop as his Blackberry started to vibrate. He answered, not looking at the caller id, "Hello?"

"Hey Ethan, its Jason. I'm on my break now, and I was wondering if you wanted to get some lunch with me?"

Ethan blinked at this, how on earth did Jason get his number? So he couldn't help but ask, "How did you my number?"

"I checked to see that who the Blackberry belonged to and put the number in my phone. Otherwise, if I hadn't, you might not have gotten it back."


"So lunch?"

"Sure um….where do you want to eat?"

"How about Wei-Lin Shen's. You like Chinese?"

"Yes and sure…..I'll meet you there?" replied Ethan cautiously

"Great, see you then."

Jason hung up and Ethan kept the phone to his ear for a few moments. What on earth was going on, why had he just accepted this man's offer for lunch?"

"Ethan got a date!" chorused Cassandra and her friend Anna.

Ethan ignored them, put his laptop away and slung his bag over his shoulder. He headed out of the office and decided to take the elevator so he could have time to think. Although it would require him to use a massive amount of Purell, probably finish off his first bottle of the day. He checked in his bag and saw that he didn't have any extras like he normally did. He'd have to buy some if he was going to go to the Chinese restaurant. When he got off the elevator he pulled out his bottle of Purell and poured it into his hands finishing off the bottle as some of the cleaner dripped onto the floor. He would buy more at the CVS on the corner. When he got there he picked up four bottles of travel size Purell and that should get him through until dinner later tonight, but hopefully would last until breakfast tomorrow.

It took him about 15 minutes to walk the couple blocks to the restaurant. He had heard of it before as it was one of the best Chinese restaurants in the neighborhood. He actually knew the restaurant owner so he would be able to eat the food; because he didn't eat food was prepared by someone he didn't know unless the food was frozen or prepackaged.

It wasn't hard to spot Jason his blue hair even in New York City made him easy to spot. Ethan still didn't know why he was doing this, but before he could change his mind and walk away Jason spotted him and came over, "Glad you came."

Ethan simply nodded not exactly sure what to say in the situation and followed Jason into the restaurant. The inside was styled like virtually all Chinese restaurants. With various Asian motifs and the classic Koi pond in the entrance, as well as various aquariums built into the walls, spread throughout the interior. They were greeted by a young Asian woman escorted them to a booth next to one of the fish tanks and handed them their menus.

The two men sat opposite each other. Ethan felt very awkward about the whole situation.

"This place has the best Peking duck and simmered noodles of all the restaurants near the hospital."

Ethan perked up at this. He loved Peking duck and noodles especially here in New York City. All the same he looked through the menu in case he found something else he wanted to eat, he was used to eating Peking duck only at certain restaurants. The waiter soon arrived with a tea pot and a pitcher of water. The waiter set the tea pot down and filled their water glasses.

"Are you ready to order," Asked the waiter in a thick accent.

"I'll have some pork fried rice and Peking duck," Said Jason, handing the waiter his menu

"And you sir?"

"Um…I'll also have the Peking Duck and a bowl of simmered noodles with pork,"

The waiter nodded and then disappeared off to the kitchen with their order. Now the two men sat in an awkward silence.

"So you're a journalist," questioned Jason, seeming curious

"I am. It's been my passion since I was little."

"But you don't seem the type who likes working the high pressure life of the media." Replied Jason, as he watched intently as Ethan wiped the handle of the tea pot with a hand-wipe and then Purelled his hands.

"I suppose I get it from my parents. My mom is a high strung lawyer for a Television network and my dad is a lawyer for some firm. Why?"

"Well you just don't seem to be the type for working in the media. You did just wipe down the teapot handle with a hand-wipe and then used a quarter of bottle of Purell in your hands."

"I like my hands to be clean. What about you?" asked Ethan steering the conversation a way from him, "You're obviously a doctor."

"Yes. I work in the neonatal intensive care unit working with the preemies and crack babies."

"That must be scary and sad." Ethan said beginning to feel strangely comfortable

"It can be, but I feel accomplished and proud when the preemies get to go home and the crack babies beat the need for the drug their mothers gave them."

"Although I don't get the blue hair and violet contacts."

"It lightens the mood. Especially in my work. The NICU can get rather depressing."

Before the conversation could continue, the waiter arrived with their food. The food as Ethan ate was absolutely delicious. The duck and the noodles with pork and vegetables, was nice and spicy. As they ate, the two men chatted about the city and where they had gone to college. As they did Ethan became completely absorbed into the conversation and it no longer felt awkward as it had earlier. He was almost sad when they had finished and paid the bill and were leaving the restaurant.

"Well bye Jason," Said Ethan as he turned to leave

"Hey Ethan."

"Yes?" he asked turning around

"How about we meet up again sometime? Give me a call whenever. My number's in your phone."

"Sure. Bye."

The two men parted ways and Ethan walked back to his office feeling strangely satisfied and very happy. The stress, exhaustion and panic he had been feeling earlier that day had disappeared. He hadn't felt this free in a long time. By the time he stepped off the elevator and Purelled his hands again, for the unknown time again that day he felt like humming. Although as soon as he came in the door, he was confronted by very giddy Cassandra and Anna.

"So! How was it?!" asked Anna her blue eyes staring at him expectantly

"It was fine," He replied not giving details

"Oh come on! Details! Details! We want to know!" piped Cassandra

"Fine," said Ethan giving in, "We had Chinese and chatted about things. He said he wanted to meet again."

"Score!!" yelled Anna grinning, "Good for you Ethan! You've caught yourself a potential man!"

"Wha?" gapped Ethan confused, "What are you talking about? A potential man? I'm not gay."

The two girls stared at him as if he had two heads and then burst out laughing before finally calming down. A few other people looked up at their laughing curious. Maria even looked out of her office for a second to see what all the noise was about.

"Nice one Ethan," Cassandra sighed wiping tears from her eyes because she had laughed so hard.

"But I'm not."

'Honestly Ethan. Have you ever dated anyone?" Asked Anna

"No. I've never had time." He replied shrugging

"Well, were you attracted to anyone in high school or college?"

"No…well I mean I liked people because they were my friends…I don't know!!" he yelled in frustration

"Okay. Well, then, did you ever think about girls or guys sexually," questioned Cassandra

Ethan thought for a second, completely confused by the conversation he was having with his co-workers. He wouldn't exactly call them close friends. He didn't see them much outside work. The argument they were making no matter how strange and awkward was starting to make some sense. Throughout high school and college he had never been attracted to girl…well he never had any interest in them. They just didn't seem to fit in anywhere in his life. As he thought he remembered something from back in high school. In his sophomore year he had, or well thought he had, a "man crush" on the captain of the soccer team as is classmates called it. He had never thought anything of it then. He had ignored the feelings of butterflies in his stomach he got whenever he was around the captain and dismissed them as the effects medication he was taking at the time. His realization must have been obvious on his face as Cassandra and Anna were staring at him with all knowing looks. Although he had no idea why he was having this conversation with them, but it almost seemed normal considering the other conversations they had.

"I'm gay." He whispered to himself.

The two girls looked at each other with sympathetic looks, "Its okay; there's nothing wrong with being gay."

"I know that it's just….kind of a lot to digest."

"Its okay we're here for you," Said Anna as the two girls patted Ethan on the back as they went to their cubicles.

Ethan nodded mutely and went to his desk where he collapsed in his chair, resting his head against the back, staring up at the ceiling trying to take it all in. He had no problem with himself being gay, but right now he was feeling drained of all his energy. He stayed like that for several minutes until his neck started to ache. He sighed as he sat up and decided that he should finish the articles he had been working on earlier so they could be posted on the website later that night. He worked on them for the rest of the afternoon and into the early evening around 7:00. By this time the sun was just about to set and it was time for him to head home. He packed up his stuff and grabbed his jacket and said goodbye to Cassandra and Anna. It was about a twenty-minute trip home with all the traffic on the streets and sidewalks.

By the time he reached home after being squashed subway he felt very dirty. He was going to, have to wash his clothes three times and take a two hour shower. He was feeling very tired and his stomach was beginning to rumble again. When he entered his apartment the smell of Italian cooking washed over him. His roommate must be home.

Ian loved cooking, especially Italian, which he considered his specialty. When he entered the rather spacious kitchen for a New York apartment his roommate was at the counter chopping vegetables while several pots cooked on the stove. Ian's long blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail. He had been growing it out in order to donate it, but he looked much better with his hair long. He was short about 5'5, but wasn't stocky he was rather lithe. He had bright brown eyes which shone with so much emotion, especially his love for teaching. Today he was wearing a blue long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed up to the elbows and a pair of loose fitting jeans. Overall Ian was moderately attractive in his own way. Although he was rather pale even with him being half-Italian, which seemed to be sometimes at war with his Irish and Scottish heritage on his mothers' side, from what he had told Ethan.

As Ethan marveled at the amount of food Ian was making. He noticed three plates were set at the table.

"Oh, hey, Ethan." Greeted Ian in his usually cheerful voice

"Why are you making so much food?" questioned Ethan slightly perplexed

Ian seemed slightly startled by this but then smiled, "I've got a close friend coming over for dinner and since you're usually back around this time I thought I might as well include you. So I set three places."

"Okay," replied Ethan, not wanting to press the matter. "Have you seen Gizmo?"

"She came out a little while ago when she smelled the chicken and I gave her some. She probably went back to your room."

Ethan headed out of the kitchen and down the hall toward his bedroom. He pushed open his door, which had been left ajar for Gizmo so she could get in and out. When he entered he found her asleep in her cat bed, which was actually a bed for a medium size dog. Gizmo was an old cat around 14 years old, but sometimes still acted like a spry young kitten. She was a short charcoal grey tabby with light tiger stripes down her sides and one down her back. She had a light dusty pink nose and bright green eyes.

She lifted her head when she heard Ethan enter. He bent down and patted her head. She moved her head into his touch and started to purr. Ethan picked her up and put her on the bed and she kept purring as her tail swished back and forth in the air.

He had gotten her when he was twelve; he had begged his parents for days. Well, he actually begged his mother; she didn't like being around pets. He had felt so guilty when he had gone to college and Gizmo had been confined to the basement her only company the majority of the time being the Mexican housekeeper Catalina who would feed her and let her in and out. He took her with him as soon as he got an apartment. Ethan knew his mother got her dislike for animals from his grandmother Felicity but was still astounded that his aunt Natalie absolutely loved animals.

Gizmo meowed. Ethan looked down and realized he had stopped petting her. She was looking up at him with her big green eyes giving him an annoyed look.

Ethan laughed at this; picking her up in his arms, and she rested her head contently in the crook of his elbow as he petted her. Gizmo had always calmed him down whenever he was stressed or just not feeling well. The only thing he still wondered was how on the rare occasion his mother went to visit Sierra's mother at their home, did she survive their five cats that climbed on everything in the house.

Ethan heard the sound of the apartment door opening and then closing and the sound of voices talking. Ian's friend must have arrived. Ethan walked out of his bedroom and back toward the kitchen still carrying Gizmo, who was in no rush to get down.

When he entered the kitchen he stopped and blinked several times at what he saw. There at the door was Ian and a tall man with black hair their lips locked kissing while Ian had his arms around the man's neck standing on his toes. The strange man must have felt someone staring because he opened one eye. When he saw Ethan, he broke the kiss and whispered something to Ian who disentangled himself and turned around quickly. His face went through several different emotions from shock and then embarrassment.

"I-I'm sorry Ethan," he stuttered

"It's okay. I don't care that you're gay," replied Ethan letting Gizmo down who immediately trotted over to the stranger, "I sort of figured out I was gay today."

Ian blinked at this and his male companion started to laugh a deep, almost booming laugh at this.

"You found out you were gay?" asked Ian rather confused, "I thought you already knew that? Explain please."

"Wait you knew that I was gay before I knew I was gay."

"Of course it was rather obvious; well to me at least. That's why I decided I'd be your roommate."

"Pet, I'm sorry to interrupt this wonderful conversation. Why don't you introduce me?" said the man in a deep yet silky, intoxicating voice

Ethan looked at the strange man taking him in for the first time. He was tall about, 6'2 obviously well muscled but not overly so like the Terminator, but was very agile looking. His skin was tan and his black hair was cropped on the top of his head but was neatly combed, but still slightly scruffy. It was his eyes that were the most striking feature. They were a bright baby blue that looked almost ghostly clear. He was wearing a very expensive looking suit that as Ethan looked, was obviously Armani. As he took the man in, he simply screamed Mafia except that he didn't have the classic Italian New Yorker accent or air about him.

"Oh, sorry," said Ian sheepishly, as he stood next to the man looking almost like a dwarf with the height difference, "Ethan this is my boyfriend, master, lover, Giovanni Padelecki."

"I've heard a lot about you. You work for Public Knowledge, correct?"


"I've read some of your articles. You're a very talented writer."

Ethan simply stared, not sure what to say. A loud noise broke his trance.

"Oh, the food is ready!!!" exclaimed Ian as he ran back into the kitchen and turned the stove and burners off. Ethan and Giovanni followed and sat at the table. Gizmo followed behind and rubbed against Giovanni's legs when he sat down.

"She seems to like you a lot," said Ethan, mentally keeping himself from getting up as Gizmo jumped into Giovanni's lap so she wouldn't cover his suit in fur

"All animals love me. Before I started Media Squawk Box I went to Veterinary School and practiced for a few years."

"Really? How old are you?"

"I'm thirty-seven. I went to Tufts Veterinary School."

"Oh, wow. I have a friend who lives near there."

"Dinner's ready," announced Ian as he carried over a large bowl of salad followed by a pot of spaghetti and other treats.

The food was simply delicious. Ian must have made everything from scratch and probably had been slaving away all afternoon.

Giovanni was a very interesting man. His parents were millionaires and CEO's of some company. Instead of simply kicking back and taking over his parent's company he broke the mold and went to veterinary school. His parents weren't exactly happy, but they had supported him since his mother had a love for animals just as strong as her sons. He then practiced for a few years in a small town in Maine while getting a degree in Journalism, which was also another passion. He then decided to leave his practice to his assistant and long time friend Kelsey, and moved to New York City and started Media Squawk Box with two of his friends from High School, Sebastian and Murray.

"So explain to me how you found out you were gay?" asked Ian curiously as he fed Gizmo some of his chicken since she kept pawing his leg

"Well, I was late this morning…."

"I'm sorry I forgot to wake you up. I was so focused on cooking and getting fresh ingredients from Little Italy since I didn't have to teach today."

"It's okay. I was coming out of the subway and I ran into this guy and my Blackberry and notepad fell out of my bag. By the time I got to the office, I only had a few minutes until my interview and when I saw they were missing I panicked. But then the man brought them to the office and asked me out to lunch sometime and said his name was Jason."

"So then, what happened?"

"He called and we went out and ate Chinese where Pei-Pei works so I was able to eat the food. When I got back, Cassandra and Anna confronted me and helped me figure things out."

"So what's this Jason like?"

"He's a doctor in the neonatal unit at Mount Sinai. He's kind of unique with blue hair and violet eyes."

"He sounds like a very interesting man," commented Giovanni

"I suppose, but I'm not really sure what to do. I don't even know if I like him or not," said Ethan, picking up his glass and putting it down, repeating the motion five more times until the found of the glass lifting sounded just right and then drank.

"Don't worry you'll figure out your feelings eventually. It might turn out that you really like him. A relationship doesn't form automatically. It takes time to develop," said Ian swirling the wine in his glass. "It was like that with Giovanni and I, except I had known I was gay for a long time. I just never had been in a long term relationship."

"How long have you two been together?"

"About six years now, but ours was a special kind of relationship in the beginning and it still is."

"Can you tell me about it?" asked Ethan much more curious than he normally would be. Maybe it was the journalist in him that made him ask such question. Usually he couldn't even hold a conversation and they usually turned out awkward. Not to mention he didn't like making eye contact either.

"Maybe someday, but it's not something to tell right now."

"Oh," he said, feeling awkward again. He shouldn't have asked that question. Being curious was never a good thing as he twisted his hands nervously in his lap. He quickly finished the little that was left on his plate, brought it over to the sink, and proceeded to scrub it until the dish was clean before putting it in the dishwasher.

"Um, Ethan, I think the plate's clean enough for the dishwasher," said Ian, as Giovanni looked at him with almost narrowed eyes as if he was studying him.

"But it's not," he replied embarrassed. "It doesn't look right." He soaped and rinsed it one more time, "There, now it's clean," he said proudly as he put it in the dishwasher.

"Wasn't it clean the first time?" questioned Ian. "The sauce couldn't have stuck to the plate that much, could it have?"

"No, it didn't, but I can tell when it's clean and when its not. It wasn't clean the first time." He said starting to get angry. The dish really hadn't been clean the first time; well not to him at least. He knew when dishes were clean and the first six times the dish was still dirty. "If you'll excuse me I have notes for my interview to work on. It was nice to meet you, Giovanni."


Ethan left the kitchen and retreated to his bedroom. He immediately saw that Gizmo had thrown up some of the cat food that Ian must have given her sometime while he was gone. He sighed and grabbed some paper towels and stain remover that he kept on top of his bookcase and cleaned it up.

But after it still didn't look right so he kept spraying and cleaning until he looked right. Though then the entire floor looked dirty so he decided he would have to vacuum it. He went over to his closet, pulled out it, and vacuumed until the floor looked right to him.

When he finally put the vacuum away, he looked at the clock and saw that it was already 9:45 P.M. He had been cleaning for an hour! He put the vacuum back into the closet and closed the door 23 times until it made the right click when it closed. He sighed and walked over to the comfy fold up round chair that sat next to the bookcase, pulled his laptop out of his bag, and turned it on so he could check his email.

He saw one from his mother, so he opened it and read it. The merger of the company she worked for had not gone well, so she had decided instead of staying, getting demoted and a pay cut she would take severance pay and leave. Well that was wonderful. What was his mother going to do without her job? It was basically her entire life, other than when she wasn't shopping.

It also read that she was going to go to Australia with his father for 3 weeks to visit family and beginning her year long sabbatical. It asked if he wanted to go. Sure it would be nice to see his cousins but there was no way he was getting on an airplane for that long. The long flights were much too dirty. There were germs and other unpleasant things on every surface.

He would reply to his mother's letter later. Right now he didn't feel like it as he cleaned his hands with Purell after putting his laptop away. He got up and went over to the bed and saw that Gizmo's cat bed was covered in fur. She was shedding since it was spring now. That would just not work. He grabbed the sticky roller and ran it around the inside of the bed removing as much fur as he could. It was now well past 10 and Ethan was starting to feel the day catch up with him.

He got ready for bed, brushing his teeth until they felt clean and then rinsed until the coppery taste from brushing to hard was gone. He changed into a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt and climbed into bed and turned off the lights. As he began to drift off to sleep he felt Gizmo join him. He would have smiled as she purred next to him. It was soothing and lulled him to sleep, not noticing the glaring light of his Blackberry as it vibrated with a call from Maria. Nor did he hear the moans from down the hall in Ian's room.

End Chapter one

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