A/N: Whew! It's been a long time since I've written anything or posted it!!! Well, this was an English assignment, so I was able to find the time for it, but I will sure to be coming out with some new chapters of my other stories soon! :) Like I said, this was homework for my English class, and the requirement was that it had to tell about the death of someone close to us, real or fake... Okaaaaaay well I picked my sister, even though she isn't really dead ;) because she wrote a story where I was dead and posted it up here. Check out Twins by Stanleylouis! So this is payback! :P

Following the jilting, flighting lines,

Forming on the flat black screen.

Looking at my sister's form,

Her lips wide open, forming screams.


Her shout stops quickly, falling silent,

We fear that it may be her last.

The time she seems to grasp around her,

In our minds now, falling fast.


She gasps her breaths and looks right at me,

Finding things I can not say.

I smile faintly, comforting her,

So she knows I'll find a way.


Sighing softly, her eyes droop closed,

Her smile shows the things she's won.

The line falls flat, her breath escapes,

Her time is gone, her journey's done.