Oh. God. I'm doing it. I'm finally doing it.

I am so sorry. Truly. My shame is the only reason it took so long to swing this axe. You all have been fantastic readers. Beyond belief, amazing. When I started writing this, I thought it would be a flop, yet here I sit with over two-hundred reviews. Your support got me this far, and it's my own fault now that I'm ending this story.

Let me just tell you this: Destined Fur More never had a plot. Really. It was more like this infinite TV show with no serious underlying story, and only meant to entertain in intervals. I tried to avoid this by throwing in awkward plot twists like 3AM soap operas, but it's hit the point where I dislike the way this story is going. Fisher, Teague, and Graham were all my first humorous characters, and I still adore them, but I think they've played their part in my life. The majority of my story plots were made when I was twelve-this one being my first attempt at humor-and you readers have really helped me progress. I cannot thank you enough, especially to those who continually reviewed and expressed their joy for reading this story.

As long as I'm ripping your hearts out, I might as well toss you all the other spoilers I had planned for this story:

0. OBVIOUSLY, all my lovely characters somehow take down the shifter reign and restore balance to the world.

1. Graham was never dead. Ever. He was captured by the shifters, and would reunite with Fisher and Teague later.

2. Graham has a son that was kept by the shifters, unbeknownst to him. His son could turn into any animal at will, even the extinct ones. Graham and him would meet in the shifters' base and both would discover they were family. The son's name was Michael (named by Graham's wife, after his grandfather.)

4. That one bitchy gorgeous chick at the convention-NONE OF YOU NOTICED THIS, BY THE WAY-is Teague's soul mate. They would get married in the epilouge.

5. LOL JK Teague ends up with Erika and bitchy chick dies somewhere in Graham's escape.

6. Fisher, who ends up losing about thirty pounds throughout this whole ordeal (not without hideous hunger pangs, of course. I do not recommend following this plot line for dietary aid) and becomes only mildly unattractive, as opposed to glaringly.

7. Michael, who does not have a six pack or enchanting jaw line, but quite a long list of witty retorts, ends up in love with Fisher in the end.

8. MICHAEL AND FISHER SITTING IN A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Literally. I imagine their first kiss would be in a tree, fleeing from prison guards or something. Getting caught up in the moment *wink wink*

9. Fisher would return to the Keller's house, bringing with her the other four and demanding refuge from her adoptive parents. By demaning, I mean she turns into a leopard and scares the shit out of them. Ms. Keller blurts out that a couple had done the same thing seventeen years ago (turning into a leopard) and demanding their baby be taken care of. This baby was Fisher, the leopard her mother.

10. Both Fisher's parents were killed by the shifters for hiding their unreported daughter, but both loved Fisher immensely.

11. Steven wins state football game. Often visits Fisher in the end, but with much more kindness. She can, after all, turn into a leopard at will and maul his head off.

12. Erika rescues her brother.

13. Pretty much everyone gets a happy ending. Except bitchy convention girl. That whore dies.

14. That really weird word Teague kept calling Fisher means "Wise, quick-witted, raven" or something like that. It was an uber compliment.

Any other questions you have, I will of course answer.

Really, I wish I could write this story, but it's just not in me. Not this plot. I truly do not see myself returning to Destined. If there is a void in your heart, I'm working on only one more story. It's also humor, but unlike Destined, it is not supernatural. It's just an overly sarcastic girl forced to dress up as a boy. My hope in this shameful self-promotion is that perhaps it was less the plot you liked, and more the jokes in it.

I will leave this story up for those of you that wish to plagiarize. JK. Fictionpress really needs to work on that. But this will not be removed for those of you that would like to read through it again and carve out my nose for discontinuing it. Also so it punches me with guilt every time I see it.

I guess this is it, then.

It has been wonderful, and I cannot thank you enough.

I bid you all adieu.


PS- Fisher says get the fuck off your computer and go revolutionize the world already. She fucking has to, so should you.