Two days later, Miku and Eljin stood out like sore thumbs on Manhattan's crowded and noisy streets. Their hands resided in the pockets of their light coats as they walked the sidewalks on their way to what would be the first of several meetings.

"Here we are," Eljin said as he headed towards the street entrance to a building.

They crossed into the lobby of the building and as they walked towards the front desk, the security guard behind the counter spoke, "Eljin?"

"Morning, Chris," Eljin replied with a smile.

"Where have you been?" Chris replied. "I don't mean to get into your business, but I hear Phil has been going nuts up there."

Miku and Eljin stopped at the desk and Eljin replied, "I imagine he is." Noticing Chris' eyes on Miku, Eljin addressed his curiosity, "Chris, I'd like you to meet Miku."

"How do you do ma'am?" Chris politely greeted.

Miku smiled warmly as she replied, "Very well, thank you."

"Well good luck to you, Eljin. Something tells me you're going to need it," Chris replied.

"Relax, Chris," Eljin replied. "I just came back to say goodbye to everybody."

"You're leaving the company?" Chris asked.

"Yeah," Eljin replied. "Life's too short to slave behind a desk."

"I hear ya," Chris replied and extended his hand. As they shook, he finished his thought, "Well good luck to the both of you."

"Thanks, Chris. I'll see you around," Eljin finished before walking off towards the elevators.

"Nice to meet you ma'am," Chris said as they walked away.

Miku turned to reply as they walked, "You too."

In the elevator, Miku stood beside Eljin and asked, "Are you sure you're ready for this?"

He smiled as he turned to her. He placed a hand on her hip and turned her to face him. She smiled as he placed his other hand on her other hip and he asked, "Just what do I have to lose?"

"I know none of this--"

He cut her off placing his lips on hers. As he pulled away from her, he replied, "I made my choice in Japan, Miku. As long as you'll have me, I want to be right where I am. How about you? Are you sure you didn't make a mistake when you turned me?"

She smiled slightly and stood on her toes to bring her lips to meet his once again. She pulled away from him and replied, "I never thought I'd fall for some gaijin like you."

He smiled as he replied, "Careful, Miku. Here, you're the outsider."

"We are both outsiders, Eljin," Miku replied. "We're everywhere, but we belong nowhere."

"Eternity is a long time not to belong," Eljin replied.

"I think we'll manage," Miku replied with another kiss.

The elevator dinged and out came Miku and Eljin. As they entered the office, all of his former coworkers looked on Eljin and the girl who followed him. He smiled as he picked apart their whispers of what he was doing. Among the faces, his friend Mack remained seated and merely followed him with his eyes till he was at his cubicle.

"Hey Mack," Eljin quietly greeted.

His eyes bounced between Eljin and Miku and he replied, also quietly, "Hey. Where have you been?"

"Mack, my friend; you would not believe me if I told you," Eljin replied. He gently pulled a smiling Miku to his side and introduced her, "Mack, this is Miku."

"It's a pleasure," Mack offered with a handshake.

"It's nice to meet you too," Miku replied quietly.

"So Mack; where's Phil?" Eljin asked.

Mack smiled slightly as he replied, "He's in his office. He's been going crazy looking for you."

Eljin smiled and as he and Miku walked off towards Phil's office, he addressed his friend again, "I'll be right back."

Eljin knocked at the door to his sub-boss's office. Phil's eyes rose from his paperwork and locked with Eljin's. While he was ready to explode at the mere sight of Eljin, as he observed Miku beside him, Phil somehow managed to restrain himself, "Where the hell have you been, Eljin?"

"Japan," Eljin replied.

"I see that," Phil replied. "So what's going on are you--"

"I quit, Phil," Eljin interrupted.

While he wanted nothing more than to scream and throw one of his typical fits, the sight of Miku at Eljin's side kept Phil somewhat calm, "No two weeks notice?" Eljin shook his head 'no' and Phil continued, "He's on vacation, at the moment, but what are you going to tell Gary?"

"That I'm sorry, and to keep my last few weeks pay," Eljin replied.

"And Rachel?" Phil asked.

A smile came across Eljin's face as he asked, "Is she here?"

Eljin and Miku walked from Phil's office back towards Mack. As they passed him, Eljin again called out to his friend, "Gimme just one more minute, Mack."

They continued down the hall to the office of Eljin's cheating wife, Rachel. As they came to the door, Rachel's contrived tears could be heard as she pleaded with someone, "I just can't believe he's gone."

Across from her, a lawyer spoke, "Mrs. Samuelson, your husband didn't have much in the way of savings; however, I did a little looking around and as it turns out, his grandfather left his entire estate to his only nephew."

"Oh?" Rachel coyly asked as she wiped her false tears.

Eljin's eyes narrowed outside the room; this was news to him as well.

"Yes…" the lawyer continued, "…it seems his inheritance, will now become your--"

Eljin turned to Miku and put his finger to his lips, silently requesting that Miku stay put and stay quiet. He rounded the corner of the door and happily greeted his adulterous wife, "Rachel!"

In shock, she turned her face white than the papers in which she was about to sign, "Eljin?! Is that…I thought you were dead?!"

"Well I'm glad you didn't lose hope in the six days I was gone," Eljin mocked.

Quickly she tried to defend herself, "Eljin, I--"

"How was Tahiti?" he interrupted.

"Tahiti?" the lawyer asked.

"Yes," Eljin replied without taking his eyes off of his wife. "My darling wife here took a holiday to Tahiti two days ago with her personal trainer, and now here we are and it looks like I've apparently died!"

The lawyer began packing his things when she turned to him in a desperate attempt to lie about her innocence, "Wait, Drew, this is all a misunderstanding!"

"Drew was it?" Eljin asked.

"That's right," the lawyer -Drew- replied.

"Is there enough in that inheritance of mine for a divorce?" Eljin asked.

As Drew approached him, he turned back to Rachel wearing a disgusted look on his face and replied, "More than enough to divorce this woman."

Eljin turned back to Rachel and offered her a smile. Finally she lost her cool, "Fine you son of a bitch! You know what? You're not half the man that Enrique is! He does things to me that you couldn't begin to understand. You're nothing, and you're never going to be anything! You want a divorce, you've--"

While Eljin was merely smiling at her verbal lashing of him, perfectly on cue, Miku walked around the corner and wrapped her arm around Eljin's waist. As she leaned up against him, she folded her arms across her chest and wore a wide smile which had stunned Rachel to silence.

"Who is--"

Miku interrupted her, "I can hardly imagine how little must you care for yourself, to try and hurt someone as sweet as your husband."

"Who the fuck--"

Eljin interrupted his wife as he nonchalantly introduced them, "Oh I'm sorry, Rachel; Miku. Miku; Rachel."

"I wish I could say it was a pleasure," Miku replied.

"How do--"

"Bye Rachel," Eljin said as he and Miku turned towards the door to join his new laywer.

Rachel merely stood in complete and utter defeat, before simply screaming in anger.

Eljin and Miku wrapped around the still silent cubicles, back to Mack's cube. Eljin called out to Drew, "We'll meet you downstairs in a minute."

As Drew walked off, Mack immediately asked his friend, "Hey is everything--"

"Everything's great, Mack," Eljin interrupted with a smile. On a phenomenal natural high, Eljin continued, "We're going to get a drink and I think…" he turned to Miku and finished his thought, "…I'm going to propose to this girl." Miku froze stiff and Eljin turned back to Mack, "Wanna meet us later?"

Confused beyond anything he'd ever been before, Mack was happy just to see his friend happy. He smiled and replied, "The usual place?"

"Five-o-five sharp," Eljin replied.

"See you two there," Mack replied

They smiled and headed back to the elevator, Miku still stunned to a silent state of shock at Eljin's comment. In the elevator, she asked, "Were you serious?"

Again he placed his arms around her and replied with a smile, "We're going to spend eternity together, right? We might as well make it official."

"But you barely even know me, Eljin. We've known each other for four days, and of those days, I spent two of them ridiculing and abusing you. Why would you want to marry me?" Miku asked. "Why do you even stay with me?"

His hands rose to her neck, and delicately moved her hair off of her shoulders so he may place his hands on her skin, just where her neck met her shoulders. He gently held her as he replied, "Because you're the most amazing woman I've ever met. Because without you I'd be dead--"

"You are dead," Miku interjected with a smile.

Eljin laughed and continued his list, "Because you're unbelievably beautiful." She blushed and he finished his thought, "And because I love you, Miku Yukimura. It's as simple as that; I'm crazy about you."

She smiled slightly and a tear ran down her cheek, "Even though I think you're a stupid American?"

Again Eljin chuckled before replying, "A stupid American you love."

She laughed as she spoke, "What can I do? You are an adorable idiot."

And that's that. If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed it :)

Again, please be gentle ;)