i don't want to hear how this can be better. i just wanted to let this out.
don't bother with your critique.
get out of the house and do something with yourself,
being alone doesn't make things easier.

smile, smile, smile
keep telling yourself "tomorrow's the day"
when you know better than anyone that you're an elite procrastinator.

but then again, procrastinators do the work eventually, right?
you, you say, "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow" like you'll live forever
and things will be handed to you along the way
so you're a dreamer, instead, a wanter, a wisher, a beggar.

newsflash, darling, here's a breakthrough that isn't new for you:
you fucked up and there's nothing you can do about it,
no way to right your wrongs and atone for your stupid mistakes.

time machines are wishful thoughts for every man shadowed by his mistakes
and if a genius can't figure out how to travel through time,
what makes you think they'd give you a priveledge like that?

you're dying inside, and no it's not because you inhale cancer,
it's because you exhale false promises and believe in yourself tomorrow, not today.

sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry,
yes, i promise,
no, i mean it this time.

eventually, someone's going to say "get over yourself" and say that you're just full of shit
but no matter how much you tell yourself that you have every honest intention of changing yourself,
you'll always say, "tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow" and
you'll never be who you want to be and you'll never be what you could have been.

look at yourself in the mirror and know that's what failure looks like.