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She opened her eyes to the beauty. She saw the colors that no human could see because they could not come down this far, she saw the coral reefs, the seashells of different shapes and sizes: a part of her home. She looked at the ripples of the water seeing how they reflected different lights of the sun, what little there was.

There was beauty all around her, she should have been happy but she was scared.

She realized she was alone suddenly....she was by herself...there should be others, she thought. She remembered that she had been playing with her friends but now...she felt her heart racing but she talked to herself and calmed herself down.

She looked around, and, she didn't know why, but she took off swimming northeast. She kept going and going until she stopped out of exhaustion. There was a pole that stood there, down to the seabed and she leaned against it, trying to breath and straighten her thoughts. Suddenly, she caught something falling out of the corner of her eye. She grabbed it and looked at it. At first, she did not recognize the object, but the recognition soon came into her eyes.

It belonged to her little cousin, Gloria, 'Princess Gloria' as she liked to call herself. AT least she knew she was on the right track...maybe now there would be some answers. But, the first question was, what happened to the mermaids?

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