A/ N-Not much is known about the Giant Squid, the "bad guy" of my story but what I add to the creature I am just doing to "enhance" my story. Pleae read.

Shell and Bram looked around at their carefully hidden traps for the squid and Bram is satisfied with their work, Shell seems to have apprehension on her face but he sees nothing then he says. "Well, everything is in place, let's tell the Arogenton's that everything is ready" He turns to leave and she grabs him by the arm then says. "Maybe not". He looks at her then asks. "What?"

"Well, if the Arogenton's are going to do what they say and we have heard of rumors of what the squid does in fight. I'm thinking that we should move things" Shell tells him and he gets an agitated look on his face then says. "Well, why didn't you say something earlier? We'll have to move everything!" She grabs him harder and brings him over to the edge of the sea witch's cave and says. "Look!"

He carefully look around the corner and at a spot, so far away in the southern most corner of his eye, he sees the huge cage full of the family of mermaids that are trembling in terror with the giant, black squid swimming around then he says. "I think they are far enough away". She drops her hand off his arm then says, "I don't think we can take a chance". He twirls his tail in anger then says. "Where else can we do this?" She look around then goes and whispers in his ear then he finally gives a slow smile then says. "Yeah, I think that will be a better place"

She smiles then he says. "Let's go tell the old witch so she can tell the others" She nods her head in agreement and they go into the cave.

Later in another part of the vast ocean Bram looks at Shell than they nod their heads and then they look down at the large group of Arogenton mermaids. The species of mermaids that is more of a mystery than Shell and Bram's family. They all nod their heads then Bram swims over to the direction the squid. He stops and he looks at his family and friends squeezed in tight in a cage, humiliated at the tentacles of a squid. He takes a deep breath and he hollers out. "Hey! You big bag of nothing!"

The squid turns in anger and sees Bram and he looks back at his victims in the cage then he looks back and a cruel, low growl comes out of him and Bram says. "You haven't got me! I'm still free!" The mermaids in the cage looked shocked and one of the women softly say. "Bram". Bram turns and goes north. He swims as fast as he can with the squid following.

He stops about 20 miles away from the spot and he looks down and sees an endless, deep cavern in the ocean floor. He smiles and swims father in, he turns around and taunts the squid more by saying. "You can't catch me! You're too FAT!" The squid growls again, then a slight noise is made and he turns around and sees himself surrounded by Arogenton mermaids and they all start to open their mouths when and squids flings his arms and his tentacles toward them and out come sharp needle like things and they fly in the direction of the dangerous mermaids and they hit about 10-12 of them. Blood spurts out of the mermaids and they fall into the cavern.

The remaining mermaids look at the squid and he starts to throw out his arms and tentacles again when a very loud BOOM comes out startling him...or it. The mermaids don't flinch, they just open their enormous mouth and they seem to be hollering but a green ink comes out and the squid tries to move back but a rope falls from someplace and wraps itself around the monster and when the green ink hits the squid and he fights closing his eyes but he finally does then his body falls into the endless cavern. Never to come out again.

The mermaid in the cage cheer as does Bram and Shell. The Arogenton's look at each other and howl in great joy and they all extend their arms over their heads and clap in a succession of three then they stop, look at Shell and Bram then swim to the unknown place where they have come from.

Shell and Bram quickly swim to the cage and let their family out and the sea witch comes out and looks around, and just as they all do. The ocean seems to change...the waters turn into a bright blue color...warmness and freshness comes to the place...the sand of the ocean floor even seems a brighter color, the algae of the ocean become alive.

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