innocence; mixing with heartache and grief.
blood; rivers and streams of blood
mixing with the gently falling snow.
sticky red ice crystals,
so beautiful.

how can you do this?
watch me crumble; falling into pieces.
i'm alone now.
i find comfort in the pain that is my heart
it's the only thing that reminds me
i'm still alive.

you loved me
once upon a time.
i'll love you always
but there's no happily ever after.
not for me.
not anymore.


one sip of your poison.
that's all it took
and i'm hooked.

you were my forever.
i'm your never.
never again
will you hold me
and tell me everything's okay.
because we both know it's not.

i wish i could fly away
from here.
into a land of solitude.

gone forever.