I was doing my duties as usual. I was bothering no one, so I didn't understand why so many were sneering at me. It was possibly because of what I was. The rag in my hand was old and worn, and the hot water and cloth fibers did nothing to soothe my raw fingers and hands. I had been doing this all my life. Washing the pharaoh's floors and staying out of the nobles' way. I was a slave, but there were guests that had paid me respect. At least until they learned of my rank. I was harassed regularly, both by words, other slaves or groping nobles. I think it was my unusual hair color, though it was usually hidden by a headcloth, which got me into those situations. Either that or they just hated me.

I heard footsteps behind me, and turned quickly. Seeing it was one of the priests, I hurriedly bowed. He snorted with disdain. When he was gone, I went back to my duties, wanting to finish by sundown.

I had no such luck. It was dark when I finally put the bucket and rag away. I walked through the hallways, empty except by the occasional guard. I was almost at the doors that lead to the slaves' basement when someone grabbed me from behind. A hand was clamped over my mouth to stifle my screams and I was pulled to a taut, strong chest. The hand that held me snaked around to secure my wrists. I struggled, who wouldn't? The other man, it had to be one, no breasts, tightened his grip until I gave a muffled cry of pain.

"Stop struggling, boy."

The voice was low and dangerous, making me shiver. I couldn't help but feel exposed as the only things I wore were my small skirt and stiff shawl, showing my status as a slave. He pulled out a knife and put it to my neck. I swallowed and dropped my struggling, staring at the knife with wide eyes.

"I'm going to pull my hand away from your mouth. Scream and you'll lose your head."

I nodded vigorously, showing him I had understood. I could hear him chuckle in my ear as he took his hand away. The knife stayed, though, and I shivered as I thought about how my life would end if I made a wrong move.

"Show me where the pharaoh and his priests keep their valuables."

I nodded again. I had been down there before, assisting in dusting off the many statues in the room. The man pushed my shoulder lightly and I started walking, painfully aware of the knife pressing against an artery in my throat. I could only hope he would let me go when he had what he wanted.

Arriving at the door to the treasure room, I stopped. I was only a slave, so of course I didn't have the key. I flinched when he grabbed my shoulder, digging his fingers into my skin.

"Open it."

I was shaking as I turned to face my front to him, my eyes on the floor. He had a pair of sturdy sandals on his feet, and I couldn't help but feel slightly jealous that he could wear footwear.

"I don't have the key, sir…"

I was whispering, remembering his earlier threat. He snarled and silently ripped one of the drapes off the wall. He used his mouth and ripped it into long strips of cloth. Turning to me, he warned me with his eyes, leaving me completely petrified, and took the knife away. Then he tied my hands tightly together and secured me to the nearest pillar. Using another shorter strip, he gagged me. I whimpered pitifully.

The bandit, it was what he was, shot me a warning look before he picked the lock skillfully and disappeared into the room. I was alone again, and this time I couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my face. The gag muffled my sobs.

He came back after what seemed like an eternity. He had a bag at his hip, probably filled with gold, and he looked like he just wanted to leave where I was bound. We both looked towards the roof as we heard an angered outburst.

"There's a slave missing! I want him found!"

"Why do you want that slave, my pharaoh?"

"He has the most unusual and beautiful hair I've ever seen!"

Footsteps echoed, and my attacker turned his eyes to me. He yanked the cloth off my head and stared at my hair. He let his fingers run through the long, golden locks and his eyes widened. He untied me from the pillar, and threw me over his shoulder. Then he ran down the corridor. It wasn't comfortable bouncing around and I could feel what little food I had eaten during the day begin to rise in my throat. I was going to throw up if this continued for much longer. It seemed like the thief drew the same conclusion as I started to dry heave. He hurried to the outside of the palace and put me down, removing the gag. I looked at him before heaving the contents of my stomach onto the sand. He had a strong grip on my hair, both holding it away from my face and to keep me from running or screaming once I finished. Not that I dared to anyway.

When I finished, he picked me up again, but this time he held me in his arms. It was much easier on my stomach. Gratitude for not being thrown over his shoulder shone in my eyes. I was placed sideways on a horse and the thief; I still hadn't gotten a good look at him, climbed up behind me. He used one hand to hold the reins and slung one around my waist to keep me from falling. As he spurred the horse I couldn't help but think of how frightening it was. I was being kidnapped, and gold from the palace hung in a sack on the back of the saddle. Again I couldn't help the sobs that escaped from my mouth.


I woke up from my nap on the horseback after what felt like mere minutes. We had stopped and I was tied to the horse's back leg. The thief was doozing a few feet away. I finally got a good look at him. His skin tone was lighter than mine, but his hair was a dark brown. The horse moved its hind leg closer to my stomach and I squeaked, fearing it would kick out. Hearing a small chuckle, I turned to the thief. I met a pair of black eyes. He was looking amusedly at me as he rose to walk up to me. I shivered and I heard him snort.

The thief crouched in front of me. He reached out and took me away from the horse, hands still tied, and carried me to a small fireplace. He must have thought I was cold, which I was. After all, I only had my small skirt and that did nothing for the cold. I tried to wrap my arms around my middle, hoping to get some warmth, but my hands were tied. The thief noticed and I saw a flash of pity in his eyes. He sat down beside me, still holding the other end of the rope. He secured me to his wrist and found some bread in one of his bags. I looked down, wondering if he was going to tease me by eating right in front of my nose. I heard him sigh and I suddenly found the piece of bread in my field of vision. I looked up and he gestured for me to take it. I looked at him, quite bewildered.

"Eat it. You're skinny enough as it is."

I accepted the food warily. I was afraid that he would be cruel and snatch it from me so I ate it fast, hoping I wouldn't throw it up again. He nodded at me and turned his attention elsewhere. After I ate, I silently thanked him, making him smirk widely. He nodded and motioned for me to lie down and rest. I obeyed meekly and he gave a low chuckle. I wasn't prepared for it when he lay down beside me and wrapped his cloak around us both. No one had been this nice to me before.


I yawned widely before covering my mouth, hoping he hadn't noticed. He gave an amused chuckle and lifted me onto the horse so we could continue. I trembled because of the slight chill. I felt him pressed against my back when he jumped on the horse. He spurred it on and I couldn't help but grab onto his arm.

It had to be several hours later when we finally stopped again. My kidnapper had stuck me several snacks from time to time, even though I felt full. Something told me that I should obey him without questions, just like I had done almost all my life. He lifted me down and put me on the ground. We had stopped in a secluded area of the dunes in the desert. The bandit made a small fire and set about to make a slightly bigger meal. I could feel my mouth water as he finished, but kept looking at the ground. I had been taught to look at the ground and await my turn to eat. Actually, make that beaten into understanding.

He presented some meat and bread to me. I took it timidly and waited for a go-ahead to eat. My captor looked at me curiously. He then sighed, put down his food and took hold of my chin. I panicked, thinking I had done something wrong, and started whimpering.

"You can eat when I give it to you. I'm not your master."

That sounded weird to me. He had me tied to him, for Ra's sake! He seemed to notice that I wanted to say something and gave me a curious nod.

"How can you not be my master, sir? You took me from my old workplace, which would make you my new master in most places, and you have me tied to your wrist."

I ended my little speech meekly and he laughed. He took his knife from its scabbard again, and cut the drape binding my hands. I stared at the ruined fabric.

"If you try to run, I'll tie you up again."

I swallowed and nodded. He smiled at me, turning back to his meal. I also started eating, savoring the taste. It was the first time I had eaten this much, even if I didn't eat everything offered to me.

"What's your name?"

I blushed. Why did he care? No one cared for a slave's name… But then again, he had said he wasn't my master…


"Well, Shu. I'm Aymen, and, as I'm sure you've guessed, I'm a thief. A pretty good one if I may say it myself."

I giggled. He sounded so arrogant and sure of himself. Aymen grinned at me as he cleared the scraps and packed down what was not used. He then pulled me to his chest and wrapped the cloak around us. I'd slept a lot since I was taken from the palace. Not that I complained, mind you. I hadn't gotten a lot of sleep as the pharaoh's slave. Well, one of them anyways. I rested my head on Aymen's chest, letting his heartbeat lull me to sleep.


I awoke when Aymen shook me. I rubbed my eyes sleepily as I stood. He reached out for my hand and pulled me up on the horse. It was easier this time since I could hold onto the horse's mane and Aymen's waist at the same time.

When we stopped this time, Aymen led me into a house. It seemed like we had reached our destination and he almost bounced around, placing the loot in several hidden shelves. I looked at his happy expression. He sat down at the table, gazing intently at me. I got the hint and sat down. His eyes roamed my body and I couldn't help fidgeting. He smirked at my no doubt pathetic attempt to shrink away from his stare.

After a while, Aymen patted my head and went outside. I looked out at the small window. The thief sat in the sand with closed eyes, head towards the setting sun. It gave his dark hair a mysterious and alluring shine.


I smiled to myself as I cleaned the house. If I didn't have anything to do I would go crazy. Aymen was out doing whatever it was thieves did, so I was on my own. In the last six months I had been under his care, I had decided to trust him. I had even come to fall in love with him. I sighed as I leaned on the broom and gazed at the moon. It was full, reminding me of the first time we ever kissed eachother.

I had slept for a while when Aymen came back home. I opened my eyes to find him gazing down at me. I smiled sleepily at him and he carried me from the chair to our bed. He had refused to let me sleep on the floor, and I wouldn't keep him out of his bed, so we ended up sharing it before we became lovers. It was more than big enough. Aymen chuckled as I snuggled up to him, liking the warmth and feel of his skin against mine.

He woke me up around midday. I complained a bit, but shut up when he laughingly kissed my nose, making my eyes crisscross. I kissed his jaw as he retreated, and Aymen lifted me out of the bed, holding my waist possessively and nuzzling my neck. I giggled as he kissed my shoulder, leaving fresh lovebites.

I watched my lover talk to the members of his small gang. He was in his serious mode, like he had been when he abducted me. I loved watching him interact with others of his profession. Aymen picked me up by the waist and kissed me in front of them. They gave us some wolfwistles, making Aymen chuckle and kiss my neck. I had the feeling we wouldn't reach the bed once his friends had left. The thought turned me on, and my lover grinned wolfishly down at me. The thieves begun to file out of the house, and Aymen picked me up and carried me towards the bedroom.

Keyword; towards. As I predicted, we never made it there. We weren't even halfway before he had me pinned to the wall, kissing me all over my chest and groping my butt. As we lay partially on eachother, panting, all I could think about how much I loved the man who kidnapped me and threatened to kill me the first time we met. He still held a fascination towards my hair. He just loved to comb through it with his fingers while whispering how much it looked like spun gold. It awlways made me blush furiously.

"I love you, Shu."

"I love you, too."

He smiled and buried his nose in my hair, inhaling deeply. I squirmed, in serious need of a bath. Not that we had hot water. All we had was the cold river that was trickling by on its path to the great Nile. Aymen hugged me tighter and we fell asleep while still entangled.

When I woke up, Aymen carried me down to the river to help me bathe. I smiled at him as he pampered me. Both of us loved it, me because I hadn't been pampered before he did it, he because I always helped him massage his shoulders after 'work'. He helped me up and dried my body quickly. I made a purring like sound, knowing he liked it.


A few months later I found myself throwing up each morning. Aymen was getting worried. He had held my hair every time I puking my guts out. I never ate in the mornings, knowing it would be easier in the afternoon.

"That's it. I'm getting you a doctor."

I whimpered before retching again. I knew that he would win, he always did. He kissed my forehead as he left, leaving me perched on the table, slightly miserable that he had left me here.

It wasn't long before he returned with the physician in tow. The doc examined me thoroughly, and when he finally finished he was looking a bit pale and chewing at his lip. Not a very good sign. He turned to Aymen, and the two talked to eachoter in hushed voices. My lover went pale and let out a loud shout, making me jump.

"What?! He's a guy!"

The doctor grimaced and almost ran out, seemingly fearing Aymen's glare. My lover embraced me, resting his hand on my stomach. I had a small bump there. It was weird as Hell.

"What did he say?"

"He said it was like you were pregnant. You have all the symptoms."

This time, I was the one turning pale. I was a boy, I couldn't get pregnant! So why did that airhead of a doctor say I was? As if he sensed my worries, Aymen hugged me tighter. I cuddled him and he lifted my loose shirt to kiss my belly. I giggled.

"If the physician is right, this is going to be weird…"

Aymen laughed at my comment and kissed my cheek before carrying me to a chair. Though he was gentle and caring now, I couldn't help but be scared silly that he would be disgusted with me as I grew bigger. I was possibly carrying a baby, and I was the wrong gender, for something's sake!

~~~~^.^ ~~~~

I was sitting outside, sulking. According to the doc I was in my last month of pregnancy and Aymen refused to even let me clean. Also, he had been forbidden to have sex with me. So now I was sexually frustrated, scared of the upcoming birth and incredibly restless. It was enough to make anyone broody. Some of the thieves wives kept me company and taught me everything I would need to care for the little thing after it were born.

A couple of weeks later, I felt an overwhelming pain in my lower abdomen. I fell to the floor and yelled, making Aymen panic. The women told him to comfort me, the tone leaving no room for argument, so he sat down behind me, cradling my upper body to his chest and nuzzling my cheek. My eyes closed as I screamed again, not caring if other men were staring. I just wanted the pain to end.

I don't know how long it lasted, but I do know I was ready to collapse entirely when I heard a sharp wail. Aymen was staring at the girls as they cleaned my baby and packed it into a blanket. I yawned widely as they handed my baby to me. The small creature was pink and wrinkly, but I loved it anyway. That's 'motherly instinct' for you. I heard Aymen inhale sharply and nuzzle my neck. I yawned again as I fought to keep my eyes open. It was a lost battle from the start. One of the other mothers took my baby to care for it and my lover carried me to bed. I smiled tiredly at him, and he pecked my lips as he tucked me in. Affectionate, isn't he?

I woke up sometime later, hearing laughter from the living room. Wincing at the slight pain, I stood up and wobbled towards the sound. Aymen was sitting in a chair, looking embarrassed and holding our newborn. It was a heartwarming sight, even if his friends were teasing him mercilessly. He looked up as I drew near and his face lit up. I sat down on the armrest and took my little child. It was a little girl. I felt tears pricking at my eyes and buried my face in Aymen's shoulder.

My baby started fussing and I looked down at her, confused. One of the wives came to me and pulled up my shirt, then guided my hands so that I held my little girl to one of my nipples. She started suckling greedily and Aymen laughed as he his fingers through my hair.

When our daughter finished, they showed me how to burp her and she fell asleep in my arms. She was absolutely beautiful. I placed her in the middle of our bed and hurried back to my lover. He embraced me and sighed in contentment. Some of his companions poked fun at him and I stuck out my tongue at them, making them roar with laughter and causing the females to giggle.


I carried my daughter outside. At eight months she had started to try to stand, but was still stuck at crawling. She pouted each time it didn't go her way. Aymen was waiting for us outside. He had just gotten home and was delighted to see his little princess. I laughed as he cooed at her and she tugged at his hair in response. He grimaced as she didn't let go after he handed her back to me.

Later that night, I was in bed after finally getting Hayati to sleep. She could be a bloody nightmare sometimes! Aymen joined me, sending me a soft smile. I climbed into his lap and kissed him on the lips. I had gone long enough without sex, so tonight I was going to get it. No matter what. My mate chuckled as he wrapped his arms around me, but just as all the other times, he didn't really complain about the situation. I had never thought me to be sexually deviant… Guess this proved me wrong. Aymen started to grope me, getting me even more exited. I whimpered and wriggled in his lap and he finally lost control.

I awoke dazedly. Thinking back to last night, I couldn't help but smile. I looked for Aymen and found him in the living room, my daughter sleeping on his chest. I made breakfast quickly and was just about to wake my lover as Hayati started to fuss.


Hayati ran around laughing. Our three-year-old had more energy than we would've thought. Aymen was treating me as a fragile flower as I was pregnant with child number two. I was secretly hoping for a boy this time.

I glared at my lover. This birth hurt just as much as the last, and I silently promised him it would be a long time till he was allowed to take me again. He winced visibly. At least it went quicker this time. And to my happiness, it was a boy.

Aymen was the one doing the most of the work this time around. I was sick after an infection and thus forbidden to move. Seth was growing fast and his sister enjoyed holding him, even though she was slightly miffed she couldn't play with him yet.

After four long months of bed rest, I was back on my feet. The women in the small town were still joking about how a boy could be so fertile, and I sometimes joined in, making my love blush. Seth was crawling around in the grass and Hayati was climbing in a small tree. Aymen joined us, pulling me into his lap and kissing at my neck. Hmm, I'll have to rethink my whole 'you're not getting any sex' policy soon. I was getting frustrated. Well, all was good for me, my children, and my Egyptian thief.

So what do you think? Should I never attempt this again, or was it okay? Please tell me ^^