You've still got debt.
You can't sleep yet.

Why sleep when your mind's awake?
Why stop the rushing flow?
What's running through that head of yours,
Before you hit the sack?
What part of the day haven't you finished yet,
What did you fail to attack?
That section of question number three,
From that thing you're supposed to learn?
How come everything else is simple
But this makes you toss and turn?
What nightmare are you hiding from?
Which person isn't your friend?
How come you're so eager to cap off the day,
When you're nowhere near the end?
Wait up.

Who's body is missing from your bed?
Where the warm breath on your head?
How long can you keep your eyes shut
Before you wake up to that slut?
Why's your boss shouting in your face
Even when he's nowhere near your place?
Did you forget to make a deposit?
Is there someone still in your closet?
Are you alone, tired, sore?
Are they likely to snore?
Was the door locked?
Is the gun cocked?
No wait.

Stop thinking, dammit.
Stop it.
Stop them.
Call them.
Tell them.
Tell it.
Tell your mind to shut up, dammit.

Clear your head
Sleep before you weep with them,
Or you'll cry before you shut-eye
To die.