Ah, writer's block, the mortal nemisis of all aspiring authors. I have it right now, hence the fact I am writing this. So, here is my almost actual advice on how to deal with writer's block. A list of tricks and tips on getting rid of the block. Oh crap, wait, it is real advice... Well, this is odd...

Give it a go

This may seem obvious, but you can't give up, no matter how dead you brain (assuming you have one) feels. You have to keep trying to write, even if you delete it all and start again every few paragraphs. The only way to get anywhere with writing is to keep trying.

Ask advice

Go to a forum, ask a friend, read a guide, buy a copy of 'writing a novel and getting it published for dummies'... Just get some advice. Don't be afraid to say "Hey, I have writer's block, can somebody please help me?" We won't laugh at you. Really, we've all been through it. Don't be afraid to get hints and tips off other writers. You're reading this, and, unless I'm worse than I thought, it's not the terrible. You're not dropping dead at your computer (touch wood) so, clearly, a little help won't kill you. Sometimes we just need to swallow our pride. If I can manage it, sure everybody else can. Lord knows I have more pride than sense.

Give yourself advice!

Sounds dumb, I know, but it really works. Imagine somebody else came to you with the same problem: what would you tell them? What advice would you give? Write it down, and look back at it in an hour or so. What do you think I'm doing right now. Yep, this is just as much to help me as it is to help you. But please don't all write guides, because you might write better ones than me, and then I'd look bad. But, honestly, it really does help.

Character profiling

I like to have a profile for major characters, with a picture and everything, it helps me keep track of things. What I hate is having to make said profiles. As much as I love drawing, it is one of the most tedious tasks ever. However, I find times of writers block are some of the best times for it, as it keeps my mind on the story, plot and characters, and I don't have amazing ideas to distract me. I could just do my homework, but I have a reputation to maintain, after all.


I like to write out interviews with characters when I have writers block. It helps me come up with ideas, and I can be as stupid and OTT as I want to. Again, it keeps my mind on the story, plot, and characters, and I find I learn thing about my characters that I never realised. So, by all means, send them to the Jerry Springer show, let them whine and angst, or bounce off the walls, make them as out of character as you want. You'd be amazed what ideas can stem from it. And even if you don't get any, you can always post it as a spin-off, and then your devoted readers will know you're not dead.

Lock them in elevators!

Nobody likes being stuck in elevators, but what would happen if two or more characters got stuck in one together. Or what if they were stuck in there with a character from a different story. Or maybe a real person. You'd be surprised what can happen. This is similar to an interview, but you can put in as many characters as you like (or at least, as many fit in the elevator). This allows more room for things to happen, but you won't learn quite as much about your characters.

Read other peoples stories

This can give you some amazing ideas. I am in no way endorsing copying, you can get inspiration from anywhere though. Not just stories, either. Art, music, sport, tv, just sittig outside and watching the clouds drift by. An idea can pop up at any time, so don't get stressed, just keep some paper and a pen on hand, just in case.

So, that's my advice. Do with it what you will. I shall now attempt to get back to writing.