There was a time when I thought I could make you happy

A time when I thought I could be enough for you

I hoped I could make you smile as brightly as you do for him

But then he called and I ceased to exist in your mind

I vanished from thought and sight in an instant

Though I stood but a few feet away from you

I was as far removed from your mind as night is from day

This for the man that you called a prick

This for the man that tore you apart when you needed held

How can he still move you so much that you ignore me?

That I am the invisible man with visible tears

My heart is breaking right in front of you

You would be able to see me crumble into nothing

If only you were able to see past the telephone

You claim to care so deeply for those that are in pain

Yet the greatest heartache on earth takes place unseen

Your eyes move right through me as though I am nothing

They glow merrily at the sound of his voice

I wish that I could have made you smile like that

I wish that I could have made your eyes shine so

I wish my voice could have made you lose focus of all else

For the world to disappear around you when I call

It is clear now that this will never happen

I have only served to entertain you while you wait for better

Just your clown of the moment, lost in my own foolishness

Naively thinking that you actually desired my company

Believing you when you said that you loved me

When all you wanted was to not be alone

A mannequin could have served in my stead

At least it would not have a heart to break

If only I could be made of plastic or stone or metal

If only I could be unfeeling to your lack of caring

So good bye to the one I love more than anything

There is no point to linger where I have lost visibility

Doing so would only turn me into the phantom you make me

There are those out there that could see me

I am sure that my heart could be visible to others

To stay here and not try to find them would be foolish

It would mean disappearing forever without a trace

Do you even notice as I walk away?

Do you even hear the door shut behind me?

Do you even care to know what the door is closed upon?

I have shut the door to your eyes, your smile, your love

I descend the steps from your apartment in silent pain

Would you even notice if the door had slammed?

Would you hear if I were to stomp down the stairs?

Of course not, I no longer exist to you, not right now

In an hour or two, when you hang up and look around

That is when you will notice I am gone

That is when you will see that you are all alone

Will you even care or bother to shed a tear?

Or will you simply find somebody else to fill the void?

Somebody else to lead on until he calls again

How many invisible men have left your place like this?

How many hearts have broken unnoticed by your eyes?

I wish I could say that I hate you for it

To do so would be nothing but an outright lie

I tried to hate you for making me vanish

The rage inside refused to rise to the surface

What would be the point of such a display?

Sure you might hear it, maybe even hang up briefly

Just so that you could see what my problem was

But why should I fight for you to see me?

Why should I continue to care about being visible to you?

If I could slip from your mind so easily from a few feet away

Then perhaps I do not care to be seen by you at all

I will not be your invisible man for your lonely times

I cannot put up with only being seen at times of convenience

I know that I am better than this

I choose to not be happy with your scraps of attention

Somewhere out there is somebody that can see me

Well and truly see me at any and all times

I will not be your ghost, your invisible man

By the time you realize I am gone, it will be too late

I have left to be seen and to see those that deserve it

The next time you see me, I might not see you

Then you will know how you made me feel

When my eyes look through you and past you

To focus on the woman that deserves my attention