What would you do,
If you knew that this,
Was all you get?
All you get to prepare,
For eternity.
That you are not promised,
That what you do know affects,
Your eternity?

Would you run and hide,
Stick your head in the sand?
Would you cry yourself to sleep,
Pray it was all a dream?
Would you preach fire and brimstone,
Send the world into a panic?
Or would you live?

Would you laugh and sing,
And hang out with friends?
Would you go to the movies and concerts,
Go to the football game?
Would you look for love and happiness,
Go to Prom with your girlfriend?
Now is the time to choose.

Now is your time,
I say again,
NOW is your time!
Live your life,
Live it to the fullest.
Now is the time,
Because it's airing live.