Made: Friday, May 14, 2010

Time: 10:55p.m

Standing on the sidelines
Twisting nervous hands
The crowd is waiting quietly
To see if you really can.

You take in a shaky breath
Eyes shut nice and tight
But you are here and only here
Tonight is your night.

You've prepared for this now
But can you really do it?
They've silenced expectantly
And you have no script.

You're still standing on the sidelines
The stage is clearing up
"Now's your turn," they tell you
"Better hurry up."

But you're frozen where you stand
"Please don't make me do this,"
Nervous, shaky, stuttering
They all knew you couldn't do it.

You shake your head and turn away
Nobody really cares
You take one step backwards
Afraid of just their stares.

But then you remember words
Of such successful friends
They've gone through this before
Now it's time for your own amends.

You wipe those tears
And use that rage
And take steps forward
Onto that stage.

They've had their chance
To show them their know-hows
You're ready and you know it
It's your time now.

Make them say "Wow."