Do you remember me?

We were friends once, you and I--

long ago, when things were different.

They were simple.

Wasn't it nice back then?

Do you still think about me

as much as I think about you?

Did you know that I'd like to contact you again

though I should respect your wishes instead?

It's not that I dwell on the thought a lot,

just that it feels like you should be there--

an emptiness in the back of my mind

where I should have you to talk to.

We used to talk a lot, you and I.

We had a lot in common.

We both loved God and books and laughter.

How could we not have felt attracted?

So far apart, yet close in spirit--

two starcrossed lovers whose best laid plans

were bound to go awry.

I don't miss our romance.

It wasn't meant to be.

I only miss our friendship,

because it was so special,

and you've fallen so far since those days.

I still pray for you

(when I think of it, that is),

but will I ever see you again?

I do hope we'll meet up in Heaven,

with all of this finally behind us.

We'd have all eternity to catch up on old times.

Will we ever chat or exchange another letter?

You've made it clear that you don't want to,

so I guess I have my answer.

Have a nice life and forget me if you can,

but I certainly won't forget you.