A/N: Poem~! It was written for my European Literature class. I was inspired by a one-shot I wrote for A Rose's Thorns.

And there will be two more coming, my dears~!

EDIT: Rewritten on 7.9.2011


by Reikou

for Mother's long smooth hair,
always in different hairstyles,
from ponytails to braids to waves,
and you have fun removing the hair tie and clips
because it always looks better plain.

for Father's kind eyes,
watching as you retell the tale
of your adventures in the backyard,
and the twinkle in his eyes is the only warning
before your sides are attacked by his fingers,
the sound of laughter echoing in the room.

for the paint that Mother is using
to change the color of the living room walls
and you are causing more of a mess
as you accidentally spill some on the floor
but she does not care as she laughs
before wiping your cheeks carefully.

for the clear summer sky,
reaching out to try to grab it
because you feel so powerful
as Father's arms raise you high above
because he's your support and always will be.

for the scratched knee,
Mother whispering soothing words,
sniffling cries and a kiss to heal
and she smiles that smile
and you feel better.

for the autumn leaves as Father rakes them
and you cannot help but jump in the pile
and they scatter and Father looks angry
but you see the light in his eyes
and the smile he tries not-so-hard to hide.

for the lilacs and violets Mother loves,
growing in the front yard and getting dirty
as you care for them
and giggling at Father's confused face
because of the dirt on his nose.

for the flushed cheeks Mother gets
when Father kisses her lovingly
and you giggle and then you are
wrapped up in warmth and safety
as they pull you into their arms.

for there is no more color,
because you can't remember them anymore
and all you feel is

for the colors all left
the day
Mother and Father
had gone