A/N- Another poem for European Literature. My teacher really likes poems, apparently. Haha.

My Own Creation

by Reikou

To write is to create.

A whole world

That bends to my will,

Where I have the power

to do what I can't in reality.

Such fantasies you can lose yourself in,

Where you can be

What you can't here,

Because everyone wishes to escape

From these chains tying us to this earth.

Crossing, erasing, crumpling,

Never satisfied with my words.

Ink flows from my pen endlessly,

Staining the paper

With my imagination—

Forming worlds of my creation,

Where they are not ruled by reality

But where they are controlled by my dreams.

So I write my stories

And I spread them around,

Because there is nothing greater

Than a dream that is shared among the many,

And the satisfaction you feel

From creating something from your own hands.