A/N- The last poem for today!

Aa, but this one is different because I didn't write it for European Literature. The idea suddenly came into my mind so I immediately jotted it down.

End of the Tunnel

by Reikou

No matter how you feel,

The end's not in sight.

You've barely started walking

In this dark tunnel.

You can't see in front of you,

Unable to know where the bumps and cracks are.

So you trip over an obstacle

And you have to decide

Whether to get back up and continue,

Or to stay down and complain.

The tunnel is curved and you don't know,

So you crash into the wall,

And that's when you start wondering,

"Is this all worth it?"

But you decide it's true,

and so you continue on,

Getting back up after every bump,

Moving on after every crash.

Then you finally see a light

In this dark and long tunnel,

And once you step out,

You can't help but smile,

"Yes, it was worth it."