We are not born defenseless. We are born weak, most of us, born with stunted sense and vision. But we are not born defenseless. We Know, all of us. And children Know best, their senses are the most keen. They accept far simpler than we who are burdened with logic and reason.

That is what saves them when they are newly born and weak; acceptance.

There will come a time when logic and reason reign supreme, when the philosophers and the thinkers scoff instinct and the unseen for the tangible and the proven. The masses will follow and we will move into a darkened age of enlightenment. Our souls will suffer, twisted and hunted. At last we will be consumed by that which we are born to fear, while logic and reason stand and puzzle out the changes in the world. When the seas boil, when the ice melts, when plague upon plague ravages the cities of enlightened man; logic and reason will fail and the world will go dark.