I woke with the sun shining in my face. Good morning, I thought, as I blinked in the light. I yawned, stretched, and stood up. I rubbed my eyes, and realized suddenly what day it was. It was the gifting day. The gifting day is the most important day in a demon's life. Until the gifting day, a demon has no powers; they are just demi-demons. Demi-demons go through school, or a kind of school. The teachers watch each kid, note their specialties, their likes, their dislikes, everything. Then they send the notes to the council. Eventually, they come up with a power for each demi-demon. It's a strange process that most don't even know about, the only reason I do is because I'm sneaky, I've read all the files about it.

I looked at the clock on the wall, it read 5:50. Great, I thought to myself. Enough time to get ready and go for a walk in the Frost Forest. I dressed as quickly as I could; thinking about what I wear is always annoying. I decided quickly on a black t-shirt and some jeans. Most girl demi-demons, and demons alike, prefer bright colors. Against what many people think, dark colors are reserved mostly for rituals, and journeys into the human realm, not every day wear. I always ware either black, or white, despite the uses for those two colors.

I dashed down the stairs and out the door quickly, silently. The morning light was nice on my face, and the flowers were just beginning to bloom. The air smelled faintly of lilacs and morning dew. I dashed silently across the lawn and down the driveway, taking a sharp left at the end. I then slowed to a walk, and continued down the small dirt road.

The Frost Forest is almost exactly what the name says; a forest of frost. It's the strangest place within the demon realm, unaffected by any season. No one enters the forest, ever. The reason has always been fuzzy to people, however I did manage to scrounge up one bit of interesting information. According to some of the older demons, it used to be called the Wolfen Wood. It belonged to a family of Wolf Demons, who lived without the rules of the others. They never needed to go to school or to receive their powers from any demons… their powers were received when they were born. It is said that for many generations they kept contact with the demon realm outside of the forest, but something happened that caused the connection to be severed. Shortly after that, the forest became covered in frost, like arctic woodland. No one went in; no one came out, except for me.

As I reached the end of the road, the air started to grow colder. The grass began to show noticeable amounts of frost on them, and then the entrance to the forest loomed above me. The trees were pure white, covered in frost and ice. The entrance was surrounded by the trees, and so it was as dark as night. The danger sign in front of it had long since been lost to the cold, and so I proceded along without pause.

The first step into the woods is always the nicest… all the warmth from the day just shrinks away into the softness of the cold. I paused for a second, to allow my eyes the chance to adjust to the lighting. The small path I was on led through the trees, twisting and turning. At the end of the path there was a clearing, with a small pond. Of course, the pond was iced over, which was the best part. As I walked, I marveled at the beauty of the whiteness of everything. It never snowed really in the demon realm… it didn't get cold enough. Mostly it just got grey and rained a lot.

Suddenly there was a snap of a twig off to the side of me, and I jumped to attention. I locked my gaze in the direction of the noise, and stared, trying to see into the darkness of the woods. After a few minutes, I shrugged and continued down the path. My feeling of unease began to grow, I felt as if someone was watching me. I walked a little faster, eager to reach the clearing now. I saw the end of the path in a warming light, and began to run. I closed my eyes as I reached the exit, and walked out into the cold light. I opened my eyes to look out upon the small pond that I knew was frozen over. I looked out towards the pond, and gasped. Standing with their back to me facing out across the pond, was a person. I slowed to a stop, and cocked my head to the side. No one ever comes into these woods… who are they? Just as I thought it, the figure turned to face me. His eyes glittered a cool ice blue as his gaze met mine. His black hair ruffled in the wind blowing across the small pond. The strangest part about him though, was the black ears on top of his head, and the black tail behind him. Is he one of the Wolf Demons that the elders said lived here? My thoughts raced, was a trespassing? Was he one of the Wolf Demons? What's going on? My thoughts were interrupted suddenly as he turned towards me completely, and smiled.

"Hey, you're that girl that's been sneaking onto our property. It's nice to meet you."

Author's note: ok, so this is the first thing ive really written. i don't write much because i don't think im that good, but my friends have been telling me to write, so i wrote this. Hope you like the first.. chapter i guess, of my story!