If she loves,..
fear must break over wires,
as though it cannot easily feel
what many consider self-evident;

she compels me to feel,..
as though the heavens have
on the other hand
...a side of the world
which nobody knows,
for no one would live there but me.

Yet there I remain and reflect
on what we felt...so many nights ago,
as it was then I found the beginning of beauty
in this lonely lens of mine.

But it is, then, that I do not know
whether it worse to name or better,
and in days of Not,
I think to inquire
how I should Love her with words.

And in this state, I appear
between—from time to time—
a matter of lives disconnected
from this emotional kernel
during the moments which define me,
...from which I am judged,
all while thinking of you.


This item in time parts reason with circumstance,
while another shorten prompting
that the former has forced the last;
and from this previous cynical prospect for a life,
I tend to pursue
results, being my only reason to proceed

as musicians play
Life: A song to remember
what was forgotten
when We were there
on the internal parts of lines,
so seized in this world
I could not inform back.

I speak down to this item
in time, as they have changed,
I, now deserted and without purpose,
though 've tried I from falling to ruins before me.


My Contact to This World,
only there when I'm away,
How I love how you wait for me
to take you with me to wait,
...aspiring to use these tools which give us just;

and all for you
to read one of these days,
should I not see you there,
enough to know of my love.


Now to return to where actions do not work against
...and write letters which grasp as they turn,
finding ways within ruins
as moments arrive with no one around,

so that I may
when life divides in days,
try to divide them with you,
My one dream in this world.