The title is self-explanatory: All style of gaming has a particular player profile (Really?). Although this is not 100%, and it's intended for entertainment purposes only, it may serve as a guide, a teaching tool or just a pointless shit to make you lost time; anyway, enjoy!

SO, if you like:

SPORTS GAMES: You probably weight 20 pounds more than what you should...

GAMES OF ESPIONAGE: You work in the most boring place in the Universe

ANIME-GAMES: You're going to be a virgin until 30

RPG ONLINE GAMES: You're going to be a virgin until 40

ANIME-STYLE ONLINE RPG GAMES: You better wait for the robot girlfriends…

FIGHTING GAMES: You either skipped school or you live in the 90's

STRATEGY GAMES: So, I guess you're a little old for Monopoly, right?

GAMES BASED ON MOVIES: You have no idea what you're going to play, but the box is pretty…

MUSIC GAMES: You cannot dance, you cannot sing and you cannot hold a guitar…so this will have to do the trick

RACING GAMES: You drive a Sedan 93, right?

GAMES WITH HOT GIRLS WEARING SKIMPY DRESSES: Look above at what I said about the RPG games, and just five years.

STRATEGY-RACING-ANIME-RPG GAMES WITH GIRLS WEARING SKIMPY DRESSES: Wow…call me man, I NEED to see that…maybe I can help and/or find a professional…