Chapter four

I laid down on my bed. "Since when was he a cannibal?" I told my Guinea Pig. Petting her and she

crawled on my chest and went in a ball. I sighed and pet her more. "K.. I don't know what to do. I know

you're a guinea pig. But, can't you help? Doctor gave you to me. You must be something. Right?" She

nuzzled her head and fell asleep. I sighed and closed my eyes. I need to rest for once.

There was a loud bang on my door. I opened an eye. "Who is it?" There was a ruffle, like they

were switching papers hand to hand. "Mark, please help, I'm struggling here." Mark? Who the hell is

mark? Is he the male assistant? I sat up and K squeaked at me. I pet her and shushed her and put her

back in the cage. She groggily moved into her home and slept. "I want to do that too, K." I got up and

opened the door. Mark was the male assistant. My eyes widened as I looked at the pile of papers he was

carrying. I grabbed half of it. "Where is your folder?" He smiled a cocky smile. "Dropped it in a fountain.

'By accident'" I chuckled and plopped the stack of papers on my desk. "What are they?" He rolled his

eyes. "Papers I have to do daily for David." I nodded and put my hands on my hips and sighed, looking at

the papers. "Why did you bring them here?" He looked at me knowingly. "Well, some of them are for

you." Eh? "What?" I said, confused. He sighed, "Just read them." Are they missions? They don't look

like missions. I knelt down and took a piece of paper.

You may think this is a mission. It's not. . . .. This is your consequence. You're fired.

I couldn't read anymore. I felt sick and I held my hand. He grabbed my shoulder. "I thought the

consequence was death." I said shakily, wishing it was. "Amy, now you don't have to lie to anyone

anymore! Isn't that what you want?" Exactly what he said. "What? I don't understand what I want. Not

anymore." I sat on my bed. "This, is my life. Why did he fire me?" Mark sat next to me. "What's the

other papers?" He sighed. "Me. I have to sign and fill all these out, daily." I nodded. "I got to." I

stammered, getting to my feet. "I have to go talk to Doctor."